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Kroot Shaper
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Default Ukos

In the codex, their are words in the back translated from tau to eglish. there are decent ones, like kais and M'yen. However, there is one word that doesnt . . . fit. Ukos, meaning spoon. why would they put that in there? why not fork and knife? your speculations please.
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Default Re: Ukos

i guess its meant to be used was a shovel for the earth caste?

giant spoon-earth-scooping machines come to mind...
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Default Re: Ukos

Whilst it likely still means "The thingy you dig food with", think about it. Being compared to a 'spoon of the Greater Good', connotations of pragmatism, usefulness, almost necessity to get some jobs done. Quite an honour to be a commander.

Whilst it doesn't sound a tremendously inspiring name, it's not unbelievable that it simply has different 'standard' connotations. To us we think 'mundane', but try soup without it! Alot more hassle! I'd stand by the idea that 'Shas'o Lar'Ukos' is something akin to a commander who gets things done. Perhaps slightly humble about their work too. Useful, able to tide campaigns through many general situations, but without the restrictive specialisation. He may not be the most brilliant commander in any one area, but he'd be reliable for most given tasks, with very few 'true' weaknesses. Try eating soup with a knife...


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Default Re: Ukos

There was an experiment on the show Brainiac: Science Abuse, where 3 people had to eat the same meal, one with only a knife, one with only a fork, and one with only a spoon. The spoon is definitely the best choice if you only get one piece of cutlery.

Anyway, it's meant to be the findings of some Ordo Xenos translatos isn't it? Maybe he doesn't know the words for knife and fork yet?
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Default Re: Ukos

Do you bend the Ukos or does the Does the Ukos bend you? Also, look at the shape of the gun drones with their attachments on. A bent ukos? it could also be the way that Shas warriors fear to sleep: Ukos.
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Default Re: Ukos

It could just be the Imperials being stupid.

Remember this is some strange xeno scientists findings on the Tau and with the language being as... unfamiliar to humans as it is suggested to be, it is probably just a random word he picked up. After all ya gotta eat and if he ate with the Tau it would be little surprise if he picked up the word for spoon.

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Default Re: Ukos

I actually had that on a Crisis Suit a long while back... I had it painted completely blue... If anyone gets that then you get a cookie.

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Default Re: Ukos

Perhaps its just their word for their "Chopsticks" that they eat with which happen to look slightly like spoons.

Or its just Imperials being... human.
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Default Re: Ukos

There are a couple of quotes in the codex from a Por'ui Dal'yth Ukos and a Por'el Tau'n Ukos. It appears that Ukos/spoon is a common name among the Por/water caste, which feels fairly appropriate. It might be an honorific for one who is good at convying things, as a spoon to the mouth - or any of a few dozen other metaphorical interpretations, which we can't really analyse without knowing more about the Tau.

As an aside, I picked Ukos as the name of the water-caste trader in a short story of mine before I saw it turning up in those other spots in the codex - but seeing it there makes me a little more confident that it's appropriate.
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Default Re: Ukos

There is no Ukos...

Originally Posted by Satyr
I actually had that on a Crisis Suit a long while back... I had it painted completely blue... If anyone gets that then you get a cookie.

Was it followed by a white crisis suit with wings and "bunny" ears?

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