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Crisis suits vs. Broadsides
View Poll Results: Which is better? in a army
Crisis Suits 32 69.57%
Broadsides 8 17.39%
cant make my mind up 6 13.04%
Voters: 46. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 31 Dec 2005, 00:21   #1 (permalink)
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Default Crisis suits vs. Broadsides

I think V8's are because they can run out of cover and go back in to cover

Broadsides have rail guns and strong armour but cant get out of ememy fire!
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Default Re: V8's VS Broadsides

There's no comparison - the roles they fill are totally different.
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Old 31 Dec 2005, 05:26   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: V8's VS Broadsides

Um.. Wrong place.

And yeah, they fill different roles.
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Default Re: V8's VS Broadsides

"I need to smash a 'Lith!"


"I need to roast Marines!"

Watch me rebuild my army! - Now with pics of my new scheme!

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Default Re: V8's VS Broadsides

very interesting topic... I say crisis suits merely because the can JSj and Hammerhead>XV88s
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Default Re: V8's VS Broadsides

Yeah, they fit completely different roles so they cant be compared.
Originally Posted by Falstead
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Default Re: V8's VS Broadsides

Braodsides. They've never let me down yet. Crisis suits sometimes do.
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Default Re: V8's VS Broadsides

They can't really be compared. The fill different roles and take up different slots. Add to that XV8s are variable, as they can take different loadouts etc.

For Versatility - you have the XV8s - able to equip weapons to respond to different threats
On the other hand, you have Reliability - XV88s with Twin Linked Railguns can usually contribute to eliminating big threats.

Though the XV8s can be equipped to be fairly reliable (twin linking) and the XV88s can be equiped to be fairly versatile (Plasma Rifles instead of SMS).
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Default Re: Crisis suits vs. Broadsides

Kroot hounds. I win.
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Old 03 Jan 2006, 06:15   #10 (permalink)
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Default Re: Crisis suits vs. Broadsides

I like Crisis suits. Basically my Broadsides destroy all the enemy tanks in the first turn, and then get minced by lascannons in the second. Crisis suits are more versatile, capable of blowing up most vehicles and all troops.

Fluffwise, Crisis hands down. ( >They have a jetpack! >)

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