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[BatRep]: 1500 Pts Tau vs. Space Marines - Lopsided luck ends up in a tie
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Default [BatRep]: 1500 Pts Tau vs. Space Marines - Lopsided luck ends up in a tie

My army:
1 Shas'O Fireknife - (Med range fire support, and light tank buster)
1 Shas'el TL Burst, Plasma HWMT - close range fire support
6 stealth
2 Crisis plasma Burst cannons - close range fire support
3 x 12 firewarriors with leader
15 Kroot
2 broadsides MTs and 1 leader with Target lock
1 Railhead w/ BCs
1 Ionhead w/ SMS

Opponents army (best of my recollection):
1 CC Jetpack Chaplain
1 Venerable Dreadnaught w/lascannon
1 full squad Assault Maries (w/jumpacks and 2 flamers)
2 x 10 marine squads (w/Rhinos and 2 plasmas)
2 units of 1 land speeder Tornado
2 predator annihilators w/heavy bolters

Tabletop terrain was sporadic forest cover w/ few pieces of 4+ cover and 1 large (but not tall) building in the very center. Island setup config so entire table edge surrounded by water. Scenario was Alpha Recon (no cool rules and no VPs), and rolloff gave him the side choice, fortunately he picked the side I didn't want, but as we place heavies this still worked to my disadvantage since only my broadsides and 1 unit of FWs saw cover on turn 1, everyone else was out of cover due to the 24" deployment limitation. I loaded heavy to the middle with marines shielded by wall to wall tanks/transports, and left with a token unit of Kroot at the right flank backed by my Shas'el HQ. He loaded heavy to the middle with a rhino to my right (we loaded opposite flanks).

Prebattle observations - We both agreed that the terrain setup(since the island made a good chunk of the table edge unusable for troop deployment and essentially put me closer to his troops at the outset, which is BAD) and the scenario (disallowed infiltrate and Deep strike, which might have allowed me some later turn unscathed scoring units, and since the marines goal is to advance on my anyway - and non mechTau don't like to move around a lot) were to his favor. To top it all off he got first turn as well. Sigh.

Turn 1 (I'll recap the notable points - as it was a very compex battle)

Marines - Turn 1 saw Rhinos load up and advance along with preds, Assault Marines beelined for my weak flank (duh), with all units forming a moving/shooting (except 1 pred which moved towards his open flank) wall in the middle between the building and forest terrain. First turn shooting saw 5 Kroot dead (who passed at LD 7), and 3 in-cover firewarriors dead (who failed and fled at LD8). Both Rhinos popped smoke.

Tau - Entire left flank advanced, except for broadsides and Ionhead. Kroot and close HQ advanced into forest cover, and attempted to Rapid fire assault marines, failed leadership check and were forced to shoot at AV11, HQ shot at marines hit with plasma and failed to wound. Fleeing firewarriors failed leadership again and fled off the table. Crisis jumped out from behind cover along with Big HQ to fire at main tank line. Crisis suits attempted to roll leadership to shoot at land speeder, failed and were forced to shoot at glanced once shaking it with a 1. AV10 Broadsides attempted leadership roll to shoot at predator and failed and were forced to shoot at rhino again, two glancing hits resulted in stunned/weapon destroyed. Fireknife HQ shoots at speeder, and destroys 2 weapons, making it toothless but still scoring. Railhead shot across table at other Rhino and missed, SMS shot at wounded rhino 2 glances both. Stealths got 6 shots at wounded rhino 2 glance and 1 immobile. Ionhead killed 2 assault marines. Crisis jumped forward behind building and Fireknife HQ jumped back behind cover.


Marines - Assault Marines and far rhino avanced and dumped marines. Wounded rhino dumped marine cargo who advanced into rapid fire plasma range of several of my units and charge range of crisis. Flanking pred advanced moved closer to my left flank and other pred moved forward slightly. Toothless speeder moved to far side near assault squad, while other speeder moved full 12 to my left flank. Ven Dread, shot at 1 kroot and he made cover save. Assault marines double flamered the Kroot and wiped them completely (note that's 2 units dead that never fired a shot). The little HQ crisis took a hail of bolter and plasma fire and only suffered 1 wound. Middle marine squad plasma'd farthest advancing Firewarrior squad, killing 3 and suffered 1 death of thier own (passed leadership). Speeder shot at same crisis killing 1 (passed leadership). Lascannon shoots at railhead and shakes it. Other pred shoots at firewarriors and kills 2.

Tau - left flank advances again. Railhead moves to theoretical safety behind lvl3 terrain. Middle FWs advance into cover. Ionhead pulls back towards left (but keeps LOS to toothless speeder). Big HQ and crisis jump back out to center marines. Rapid fire, SMS, and crisis fire reduced the marine squad to 3 (including 1 vet Sarge w/powersword). Stealths firehosed the speeder and brought it down. Broadside Railguns shot at exposed predator and destroyed the Lascannon. Lone HQ shot at assault marines, hit with only 1 (3 ones, 1 two, and one 3) one 2 plasma and failed to wound. Ionhead shot at toothless speeder hit 3 times and failed to glance even once (3 ones). Big HQ charged into remaining 3 marines. Close combat saw 2 wounds on Big HQ and 1 marine dead, Big HQ FAILS leadership and flees. Stealths jumped to relative safety behind building and crisis jumped back behind building.

Turn 3 -

Marines - Ven dread moved to position at far back of the table, just in LOS of railhead. Wounded pred moved farther into my left flank. Unwounded pred retreats to provide more fire at flank (I think he intended to wipe scoring units out). Scoring units on my left flank remained in position, except speeder which moved behind cover. Remaining 2 marines move next to lone crisis. Heavy bolters on wounded pred kill 1. Ven dread shots at railhead, hits and fails to glance. Predator Lascannon vaporizes fleeing HQ. 2 marines charge crisis causing only 1 wound and 1 marine dies in return attacks.

Tau - Close firewarriors(9 with leader) move to 1" from lone marine. Railgun moves to center of far left flank. Rest of left flank advances. Stealths jump out for side armor shot at pred. Ion moves out to center of table to increase fire opportunity. Stealths hose predator hit 10 times and fail to glance even once. Ionhead shoots ven dread pens twice (downgrades to glances due to obscured), and rolled 3 1s! Broadside railguns attempt to destroy remaining wounded predator hit with both guns destroys remaining weapons. Railgun attempts submunition pieplate on exposed assault marines from across table and fail to hit with roll of a 1. Firewarriors charge the solo marine in an attempt to kill him and advance. The marine kills the crisis and the firewarriors fail to even scratch him (at this point and epic battle ensued over the remaining turns with the Vet sarge failing to do damage to the Firewarriors in turn 4 and 5. They eventually kill him on turn 6 but not before taking 3 wounds that turn). Stealths jump out into open towards crippled pred.

Turn 4

Marines - Unscathed pred moves out from behind building to aim at railhead. Exposed marines hide behind cover. Ven dread hides behind cover. Rhino and chaplain move out to middle of table to provide more fire support. Lascannon shot destroyes railgun on railhead. Wounded pred moves towards FWs.

Tau - Broadsides move out of cover with nothing to shoot. Rail(less)head moves towards opponents deployment. Firewarrors advance again towards toothless pred. Ionhead moves closer to center of board. Stealths have only the wounded pred to shoot and do NOTHING. Ionhead succeeds in destroying the unwounded predator.

Turn 5

Marines - Chaplain and Rhino advance. Ven dread runs into cover again. Wounded pred moves to tank shock forward firewarriors (they passed). Ven dread shoots at scoring HH and shakes it.

Tau - Ionhead moves toward opponents table edge. Firewarriors and stealths move into scoring to back of Predator (out of Ven dread charge range). Railhead moves but cannot find adequate cover. Broadsides shoot at the approaching Rhino (no other targets) and destroy it, (well, 1 shot the dread but it didn't do anything). Ionhead shoots at ven dread and pens twice making him explody (even after reroll), however SMS fails to damage the wounded scoring speeder. The Firewarrors and stealths shoot the crap out of the back armor of the predator and still only stun the stupid thing.

Turn 6

Marines - Last turn, we both have 3 scoring units in the zone, and I had one more that could make it. He charged his chaplain at my rear armor and was hit me 3 times (3 sixes with rerolls missing) both glances one destroyed a weapon and one immobilized. I forced him to reroll the immobilized and it resulted in a 6, and my last chance of victory was destroyed.

RESULTS: Somehow, it was a tie.

Post game observations - Given my dismal luck, I can't believe the game was so close. Throughout the game both me and my friend were just amazed at how crappy my rolls were, particularly when it mattered most. SMS were disconcerting for my opponent, though they yielded little results in this game gameplay (more of a psychological victory than anything else). Also, the CC with 1 marine proved a quaqmire, when all I needed was 1 wound, I couldn't get it (though I should have at least 3 times over) until it was too late (otherwise i would have had another scoring unit on his side). This game proved again that the Kroot have little to no value to me, as again they died without firing a single effective shot. I like the Ionhead (it performed better overall) but it definitely wasn't the focus of my opponents fire, otherwise it might not have done so well. My first foray into Broadsides showed them to be fairly effective if they have good firing lanes.

I had one minor revelation about how the GW deployment order, and many scenarios are of great advantage to some armies and disadvantages to others. I'm not fully mechanized so I prefer to use cover, and sit and shoot where possible. The scenario REQUIRED me to advance to his side with scoring units, and since I couldn't deep strike it was severely to his advantage since that's what he wants to do anyway. I deployed first, but it was not in my best interest to deploy my tanks into a forward position, so I kept them close to the edge and out of site as much as possible to take advantage of my range and skimming ability, what this essentially meant is that my opponent, on his deployment he placed as far forward as he was able, this in turn affected my entire troop deployment, since I couldn't place within 24" and troop deployment is after heavy. He effectively pushed me back almost fully out of cover which force me to move to get any sensible protection, and with rapid fire weapons essentially was able to completely negate all my troop firing capability on my first round. Now, you may say I had to move to win the scenario, which is true, but I would have preferred to gain SOME shooting at AV10 skimmers and AV11 tanks before I started taking attrition. As it was only 1 barely scoring troop was able to make it to his side, and that was only because they sacrificed shooting every turn but the 5th to get there.

Hope you like my report. I look forward to any comments or feedback. Thanks!
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Default Re: [BatRep]: 1500 Pts Tau vs. Space Marines - Lopsided luck ends up in a tie

Wow you had absolutely dismal luck. Ive never heard of so many 1s before. Given that I would say your tactics were very good considering what you had to work with. Im not a fan of charging enemies but its better than letting them charge latter with more attacks.

Im not a proponent of kroot either. They never work for me, some people use them very well but they just do not fit my play style.

Nice battle, you did very well considering the circumstances, excelent job. I look foreward to seeing more *hint hint*.

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Default Re: [BatRep]: 1500 Pts Tau vs. Space Marines - Lopsided luck ends up in a tie


Normally I wouldn't even have considered charging even 3 marines, but in this case, I had an (unscoring) HQ with the opportunity to prevent those 3 marines from shooting next turn and potentially dropping another unit down to scoring. The second charge (with firewarriors) was simply an attempt to kill the last remaining marine and gain a follow up move which I would have used to get closer to his side with another scoring unit. As it was, nothing happened in that combat for 3-4 close combat rounds. I SHOULD have been able to finish him off with the FW charge, but the accursed dice were not on my side.
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Default Re: [BatRep]: 1500 Pts Tau vs. Space Marines - Lopsided luck ends up in a tie

yeah, that was some REALLY bad luck. I'm amazed it was a tie.
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Default Re: [BatRep]: 1500 Pts Tau vs. Space Marines - Lopsided luck ends up in a tie

Thx for the BR. Well written and easy to imagine. Better luck next time..

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Default Re: [BatRep]: 1500 Pts Tau vs. Space Marines - Lopsided luck ends up in a tie

Wow. That was really bad luck. I feel bad. I wish I could give you my dice karma. Then you'd have taken those stupid marines down.
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Default Re: [BatRep]: 1500 Pts Tau vs. Space Marines - Lopsided luck ends up in a tie

Thanks. After nearly a whole game of terrible dice, it doesn't make you mad any more. In fact it starts to become humorous.
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Default Re: [BatRep]: 1500 Pts Tau vs. Space Marines - Lopsided luck ends up in a tie

Originally Posted by l33t_m0nk3y
Thanks.* After nearly a whole game of terrible dice, it doesn't make you mad any more.* In fact it starts to become humorous.
I know what you mean. Ive had a game where a unit of marines made all their armor saves without fail but never did any damage at all. It was really rather funny.

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