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[BatRep]: Dark Angels vs Tau and Eldar
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Default [BatRep]: Dark Angels vs Tau and Eldar

Shi Tau'va Commanders

This message was intercepted after the close victory on the Dark Angels.
Many soldiers died that day, due to lack of cover and the mass heavy weapons the Dark Angels brought with them.
We hope to be reinforced for the loss of our friend Shas' and hope you enjoy the read.


Shas'o Pisc'es

Reporting to Dark Angel High Command, Inner Council


+++ Unite Brothers! Our path is clear, and though it leads into danger, we shall fear no evil, for we are fear incarnate +++


Operation Hunting Probe started at 06.10 am on the fifth day of the seventh month on the planet of Prosprero VI. Still searching for the traitorous Tech Marine of the Ultramarines that was believed to have fallen to the sway of Chaos, the Librarian of the Dark Angel Memento Mori force detachment had been scouring the psychic waves around the planet tirelessly. Finally, a trace of the traitor was found. Unfortunately, it was on the other side of the planet.

With the temporary alliance between the Imperial forces and the Tau on Prosprero ended, the war for dominion over the planet had once again begun, and the far side of the planet was currently under control of the xenos forces. Undeterred by this fact, a force was hastily assembled, striking deep into the heart of the Tau domain on Prosprero VI, to hunt down the fallen Techmarine.


+++ Stand with me, for I am His voice, I am His Hatred, I am His Strength. Stand with me, for together we shall be His wrath! +++


Despite being barely recovered from the previous wounds inflected upon him during the last battle, Interrogator Chaplain Achaia chose to led this second force in person. His failure to capture the Techmarine last battle still weighed heavily on his mind, and hatred for the fallen Tecmarine burned in his heart.

Achaia selected the same forces from last battle, Chelubai the Dreadnought, as well as Tactical Squads Purification and Salvation. This small combat patrol was further bolstered by Devastator Squad Retribution, and the elite Terminators of Squad Absolution, led by Sergeant Cyrus.


+++ We go now to our fates, we go now to the lands of the Xenos, we go now to our destinies, we go now… TO WAR … +++


As expected, the incursion of Imperial Marines into Tau territory was quickly met with resistance. Unfortunately for the Dark Angels, the Tau battleforce was not alone. A meeting was taking place between the Tau and the Eldar, who had come to Prosprero for reasons as of yet unknown, and an alliance between the two Xenos races had been negotiated a scant two days before. As such, the troops of Memento Mori found themselves facing not one enemy but two, united to defend the territory they considered to be rightfully theirs with their lives.


+++ Stand true, suffer not the Xenos to live, remember your mission, and let His will guide your aim +++


At 10.21am during the morning, the battle commenced in the hills near a destroyed Imperial Church. The opening moments of the battle went well for the Memento Mori force. On the right flank Achaia and Squad Salvation let loose a hail of bolter fire upon the approaching kroot, which would eventually massacre all but one of their numbers, and send the lone kroot leader running in fear before ever reaching the Dark Angel Squad.

In the middle, the Devastators under command of Sergeant Eluzai showed their deadly marksmanship by expertly picking off a heavy Tau battlesuit armed with two railguns. Their krak missiles opened the Tau armor easily, and by the time the dust cleared nothing of the large Tau warrior remained.


+++ Sergeant Lucius reporting heavy fire on our left flank. That eldar battle tank is armed with more firepower then a Leman Russ! Chelubai is holding, praise to Him, by is heavily outgunned. Assistance requested… +++


While the battle near the destroyed Church was going well for the Dark Angels, the skirmish in the hills to the west of them was less blessed. The eldar Falcon Tank struck the Dreadnought Chelubai again and again, and despite the toughness of the now Venerable Dreadnought, was slowly wearing the embattled Juggernaut down. Chelubai fought like a lion, keeping the Falcon tank busy for most of the battle, but eventually the damage done to his iron tomb was too much, causing various power leaks and stopping the Dreadnought dead in his tracks.


+++ Praise to the Emperor, Death to the Xenos, reinforcements have arrived, let the enemy find Absolution in our guns +++


Not long after the start of the battle Terminator Squad Absolution teleported into the fight, deepstriking right into the heart of the enemy ranks and opening a firestorm of bolter shells and assault cannon fire that shred most of the tau warriors apart. While this sudden deadly attack shocked the enemy, truth was that the unpredictability's of the teleportation technology had caused the Terminators to appear too far to the west. While the battleplan had called for them to appear in the field of fire of the devastators squad, so that sergeant Eluzai and his heavy weapon specialists could cover the Terminator assault, their mis jump had left them dangerously vulnerable to an attack from the eldar Wraithlord and Guardians. Taking full advantage of this tactical error, the eldar charged swiftly, intend on overwhelming and taking down the lone terminator squad before Squad Retribution could redeploy.


+++ Brother Gabriel is down, may the Emperor Protect. Brother Faladel is down, his gene-seed be blessed. We shall fight on. No remorse… No surrender! +++


The battle was slowly turning against the Dark Angels, grinding itself down to a war of attrition, and denying the Adeptus Astartes forces their advance into Xenos territories. While Achaia and his squad had effectively taken care of the Kroot forces, they were too far away to aid the besieged terminators.

On the other side of the battlefield, the eldar dire avengers took advantage of the destruction of Chelubai to assault Squad Purification in hand to hand combat. While the dire avengers themselves were no match for the genetically enhanced superhumans, and all swiftly fell, they had an Exarch to lead their ranks. Again and again the Exarch’s powersword bit through power armor, eventually taking down the entire squad, and effectively rolling up the Dark Angel west flank.

To make matters worse, the assault in the middle left the Devastators no one to shoot at, as the risk of hitting Squad Absolution was too great. Helplessly, they could only listen to the shouts of their brethren over the comm.-channel while the raging melee took place.


+++ Sergeant Cyrus took down that Wraithlord, hail him as a hero! Brother Ragnael destroyed the Eldar Warlock, hallowed be his name, the enemy is breaking! +++


Squad Absolution fought with all the bitter stubbornness that the Deathwing was legendary for. Despite the loss of three of their brethren, half their force, to the combined eldar attack, they fought back fiercely and destroyed the Wraithlord abomination as well as the Eldar Warlock. The guardians broke and fled, and for a moment it looked the Terminators were clear. But no sooner had the enemy Xenos fallen, or more leaped to take their place. Fire from all around them peppered the Terminators and took out another brother, leaving only Cyrus and the assault cannon brother Yvryn, who were then once more assaulted by eldar jetbikes and Tau warriors.

The weight of the attack was too much even for the elite deathwing, and in the end, the Terminators fell to the combined attacks. A simple Tau trooper became a hero as he ended the life of Yvryn, and the Jetbike swooped in impale Cyrus with its shurikens, and leave the Terminator sergeant lying for dead among his fallen troops.


+++ We will not surrender, we will show no fear … We will not falter … +++


Despite the stubborn refusal to give up from the Dark Angels, it was clear the war had grind itself to a halt. Preciously few forces remained on either side. One of the two jetbikes was downed by Squad Retribution, but by now it was clear that any advancement into Tau territory had become impossible. In fact, the Eldar had outmaneuvered the Imperial Forces, and effectively controlled the hills.

Reluctantly, Chaplain Achaia ordered the retreat. While he did not fear to give his life to fight the Xenos forces, they were not his real enemy. That enemy was now as good as lost, but any further pursual would only lead to all their Deaths, when Tau reinforcements showed up.

At 16.17pm, the Dark Angel battleforce disengaged, taking their fallen with them. Many had been slain, but their gene-seed would be recovered to fight another day. Their prize however, was denied to them. The clue that would lead to the location of their Fallen brethren was now as good as lost.

Prosprero VI, would forever be remembered as a thorn in the Dark Angels side …


+++ Our hunt is ended, our prey denied. We fell the shame of our failure weigh down upon us. But we will not give up, we will not rest, until the blemish of our past has been removed from our present. We remain… the Unforgiven +++

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Default Re: [BatRep]: Dark Angels vs Tau and Eldar

Very nice communication. I like the format and style.

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Default Re: [BatRep]: Dark Angels vs Tau and Eldar

No offense meant, but I felt the fluff got in the way of telling the batrep.
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Default Re: [BatRep]: Dark Angels vs Tau and Eldar

Yes I agree with MechTau it was a nice read but difficult to tell what was going on. The Dark Angels forces were known but how many Eldar were there, what were the positions of the enemy, what were the Tau forces? It was far too one sided to be an effective battle report. Inserting fluff excerpts in between segments of detailed report would be far more effective.

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Default Re: [BatRep]: Dark Angels vs Tau and Eldar

Notb a very good fluff and it is also a very hazy battle report.

The whole thing is entirely focused on the dark angels and eldar. that is it.
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Default Re: [BatRep]: Dark Angels vs Tau and Eldar

Cool fluff, bad battle report. Keep it inline with the turn one SMurfs, Turn one Tau config most people use please. However, it is very nice fluff.
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