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List of What to Use FoF On
Closed Thread
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Default List of What to Use FoF On

There are many topics on FoF, but I was wondering if we could maybe make a list of what things you should use the tactic on and what you should never use it on. Any mods may edit this if I'm not around to put in the updates. If you wish to post a unit to use or not use FoF on, put it in this format.

Name of Unit (Name of Army)
Reason: (Reason Why or Why Not to Use FoF on it)

Units to Use FoF On:

Infantry Platoon (Imperial Guard)
Reason: They are slow, lightly armored troops that may be dangerous to your tanks and Broadsides, so FoF works great on them to thin out their high numbers and their masses of special and heavy weapons. Just watch out for Heavy Bolters and Melta Guns.

Conscript Platoon (Imperial Guard)
Reason: As with the Infantry Platoon, they are slow and lightly armored. Now, they won't cause any harm to you. The only harm they can cause is a mass of Lasguns and perhaps some Flamers. Otherwise, FoF is ther prime way to mow down the gunbabies.

Command Platoon (Imperial Guard)
Reason: This unit can be dangerous. Without even considering the danger of a Power Weapon-wielding Officer or a Force Weapon-armed Psyker, they can carry Anti-Tank and Fire Support Squads. These can make your Broadsides and Hammerheads and maybe even Fire Warriors drop like flies if you are not careful. FoFing these guys will put them to rest rather quickly, since they lack the numbers of the Infantry and Conscript Platoons.

Units Not to Use FoF On

Rough Riders (Imperial Guard)
Reason: These guys are FAST, moving 12'' a turn. Unless you can be sure of killing off the unit, they can just run around the Devilfish and assault your Fire Warriors. And with the Hunting Lances, Laspistol/CC Weapon combo, and a stray Power Weapon, you can kiss those Fire Warriors good bye.

To Be Continued

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Default Re: List of What to Use FoF On

sounds good to me. Nice job.
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Default Re: List of What to Use FoF On

Any Army - Any unit

Anything that moves 12" per turn/has a 12" assault move: don't FoF. You will mow some of them down, but the others will CC you to death.

I find this whole thing pointless BTW.
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Default Re: List of What to Use FoF On

Mech Tau's response seems a little gruff, but it's mostly correct. I do feel there are some non-speedy exceptions, though they fall under the perview of common sense. I would also extend his definition to any unit that can be reduced to be non-threatening before the next shooting phase. That's a case of using your own judgement, but here are a few picks for me. Also! Beware of Fleet of Foot.

Do Not FoF! (Generally Speaking)

Heavy Bolter Devastator Squad (Space Marines)
Reason: Those regular bolter marines are just ablative shielding for the heavy guns.
Chances are you will only be able to knock out one of those bolters, and then you
will pay in the return-fire.

Full Necron Warrior Squad (Necrons)
Reason: Fairly obvious. Unless you can bring the hammer of God down on these guys,
enough will survive to be deadly in the next turn's return-fire.

Wraithlord (Eldar), Hive Tyrant/Carnifex (Tyranids), Demon Prince (Chaos)
Reason: This strikes me as a foolish move, unless you're absolutely desperate. Even if you
inflict a wound, it's not worth it. The unit in question will probably ignore you, and other units will
make you pay for your insolence. Considering how slow these are (when not speed-modded, otherwise
they would violate MechTau's golden rule), and how fast other units in these armies can be, such a move
is almost guarenteed to be an over-extension of your forces as well.

Land Raider Crusader (Daemon Hunters/Marines)
Reason: Sorry. Let me stop laughing first :P. I personally find the idea kinda cute. Like a bunch of
lemmings trying to attack a lion. They won't do a thing, and then they will die, terribly.
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Default Re: List of What to Use FoF On

I HAVE however successfully FoF-ed a keeper of secrets. It was a bit of a desperate move but a 12 man fire warrior squad will average a couple wounds on it, so a 2 squad FoF can easily kill it in one round of shooting!

Its all about risk assessment
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Default Re: List of What to Use FoF On


1) Cannot move more than 6" in the movement phase
2) Cannot make a charge of more than 6" in the assault phase
3) Does not posse multiple weapons over S5
4) Does not posse enough firepower firepower to severely damage to your fire-warriors
5) Is not backed up by any units that can do any of the above

[b]IMPORTANT: All of the guidelines listed above can be made void if:

1) It is the absolute last turn a of the game
2) The unit being attacked represents a major threat to other less expendable units in your army
3) It is important that any other enemy units that pose a threat to your warriors do attack your warriors instead of other elements of your army

Thats about it really. Whether it is a good idea to use FoF or not is really just a question of common sense.
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Default Re: List of What to Use FoF On

DO NOT FOF a squad of nurgle marines...they are all toughness 5, and not enough of them will die in the shooting phase. then, they melta gun your transport and your left there high and dry. ask me how i know. :
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Default Re: List of What to Use FoF On

Another not to FoF is any CSM squad above 10, as they will have enough to charge you, unless you cunningly made him take off the ones within 12". On the subject of guard, FoFing them is not good, because the amount of other sqauds he can have will mean death for the FWs, very quickly, unless, you have really juicy targets.
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Default Re: List of What to Use FoF On

Statistically, A double FoF can only wipe out 5+ MEQs. So only FoF under half strength MEQ squads..
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