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Shocking news: Piranhas
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Shocking news: Piranhas

Piranhas are a vehicle, although a pretty weak one. But it is a fast skimmer, meaning that it's really fast and that terrain rarely will prove to be a problem. It looks like it will be in the new codex, judging by the sneak peaks, and a small idea crossed my mind. Couldn't they be a viable tank shock option? Have a team of Pathfinders blast enemy leadership to oblivion and then tank shock an infantry squad of your choice. Perhaps to force them over the table edge. Or even more evil: Make the Piranhas form a cage behind the target unit and shock it with a Devilfish.
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Default Re: Shocking news: Piranhas

Anybody know what the armour on that is supposed to be?
Originally Posted by Falstead
Falstead: I don't think you can ever justify a T5 goat in a regular 40k game
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Default Re: Shocking news: Piranhas

Just because something is a vehicle does not make it a tank. I doubt the Pirannah will be a fast skimmer tank, and so I doubt it will be able to tank shock.

It will be useful, though, for herding broken enemies off the table, by staying close enough to stop them regrouping.
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Default Re: Shocking news: Piranhas

What sneak peaks are you talking about? We know that there is one on the cover of the new codex, but I don't see one in the sneak peaks section (I'm at the UK site).

They will probably have AV10 all sides and will be open toped. I'm guessing that they will come in squads of 3, but not have to maintain coherency like other squads. They will have a burst cannon and a pair of gun drones in the rack, which can be detached. I would say about 30 points per.
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Default Re: Shocking news: Piranhas

Please continue all discussion in the existing thread in the Rumours Board:

Looks like I just posted up what you're looking for:
Originally Posted by [ mace
link=topic=15376.msg243707#msg243707 date=1135289278]
The info on the piranha is pretty much in the open now, I'm unsure how different they are from the Forgeworld rules, but here's some info:
Fast Skimmer
Squad size of 1-[Half a Marine Tac. squad]
Armour - Same as Land Speeder, Front AV is a bit higher
Weapons/Crew - What you see/Same as Devilfish
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