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Far-sight enclave VS Ig: massed DSing? (not a battle report, srry)
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Default Far-sight enclave VS Ig: massed DSing? (not a battle report, srry)

Ok, I was thinking about commander tactics to use on my friend (who is starting a IG army) and a though occurred to me: what if you deep struck commander far sight and a pair of sun forge shas'vre right behind his lines and charged his infantry (rank and file, not the command squads)? You could back them up with other deep striking suits and stealths. It seems like a good idea to me, any comments?
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Default Re: Far-sight enclave VS Ig: massed DSing? (not a battle report, srry)

Instead, I'd take all Fusion Blasters, Missile Pods, and Multi-Tracker (forgot code-name. Is there one?) suits as it can damage tanks more efficently and actually costs less too. I'd also wait till the new codex comes out and have one guy have a hard-wired drone controller with 2 Shield Drones. That way Farsight will get some good protection so he can keep on slaughtering the guardsmen. I'd give the Shas'vres hard-wired target locks so they can kill off the Leman Russes, Demolishers, Hellhounds, and Chimeras that you WILL be facing while Farsight mops up infantry and Storm Troopers and the like. I must warn you that IG and SM do deep-strike more efficiently. IG can take a doctrine that allows all of their infantry to deep-strike for no extra cost, and SM can take drop-pods. I haven't tried the Tau deep-strike method, but it might work as long as you are backed up by the firepower of the fire warriors, kroot, and Hammerheads.

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