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Targets of Opportunity - What I would do if I was fighting myself
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Default Targets of Opportunity - What I would do if I was fighting myself

I play Hybrid Tau. This is how I would break my army list.

#1 - Kill the Hammerheads. These things require some attention, but by the end of turn two will be wreaking havok on your infantry and Tanks.

#2 - Kill the DevilFishes. These things will die pretty quickly if paid attention too, and tend to mess up my plans pretty badly.

#3 - All Suits must die. A) Suits built to kill your specific army type B) Broadsides C) Other. Once the board is cleared of Tanks, you must cleanse the suits from the most holy board. This will be hard, but you will criple the Tau after the last one bites the dust.

Simply, you don't have to everything in this order. You can do these through assault or shooting. but if your Devestator squad has a choice, aim it at the higher numbers. I understand that this could be the impossible, because all my hammerheads leave your Vehicles smoking wreaks. I understand that trying to assault my Helios team might cause your Tac. squad to be blasted off the map in a hail of plasma and hiss of fusion blasters. But at least try. Its your only hope.

So, how would your list die?
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Default Re: Targets of Opportunity - What I would do if I was fighting myself

Pretty much the same as yours. WIthout the hammerheads, 'mech essentially doomed.

The other thing that I'm sacred of is hordes of leaping gaunts. Oh, the pain. My shas'O is going to go cry in the shower for a while now.
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Default Re: Targets of Opportunity - What I would do if I was fighting myself


Once Devilfishes are gone most mech armies will be doomed. The little firewarriors can now only move 6" a turn and are doomed in the open.

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Default Re: Targets of Opportunity - What I would do if I was fighting myself

I have lost my df a couple of times and it wasnt the end of the world ... i hiked my men to some cover in the center fo the table and created firing lanes of 20 rifles that after it killed one squad didnt get terribly many targets presenting themselves ... they effectively forced him to play my tune and allowed my hammer heads to work with more options as well as denying him area.

I would kill my hammer heads as they are my only 2 rail guns ... after that my tanks would be able to concentrate elsewhere and not worry about sharks. then i would deal speciffically with what ever was the biggest type of threat to my army eg if i was nids ... the stealth team would go pretty fast and so would the death rains.
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Default Re: Targets of Opportunity - What I would do if I was fighting myself

I am also a hybrid player. I'll say the jig is up when these stuff in order;

1)crisis suits=cost you vps and already crippled 1/3 your force.

2)hammerheads=one word:krut.

3)urrr....thats it.
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Default Re: Targets of Opportunity - What I would do if I was fighting myself

Toast the fish while the FWs ar in tranport, necron are rather good at this.
i play full mech, 7 tanks, 9 suits, 48 FW
kill the fish with the FWs in it, then i lose.
No question about it.

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