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Tau Words
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Default Tau Words

These are some words that I was wondering how to write in Tau: (the Tau A-Z doesn't cover them)

-Burning light
-Dark Soul

Cany anyone help me with these? It would be greatly appreciated


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Default Re: Tau Words

Where's wargamer when you need him? :-\
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Default Re: Tau Words

I don't think there are any 'official' Tau words for those you need, but by working with the others you should be able to work something roughly.

An example would be Burning light. Take the Tau word for fire (Suam, more specifically, flame) and the Tau word for sun (Shas'ka) and together you get Suam'ka - Burning Light! Or Flaming Sun, or Flickering Orb, etc, you get the picture.
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