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A smaller battle than "A very small battle".
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Default A smaller battle than "A very small battle".

I had another very small battle with an ork player today.* Its was around 300 and some odd points.* Dont know exacts.
I had a tau commander, (missiles, plasma, shield generator, and hardwired multi tracker), my bodyguard, (fusion, plasma, and multi tracker), and around 12 firewarriors, and just for fun, and to even out the points, I got a pathfinder with rail rifle.* He had around 20 or 30 orks, and gretchins.* A jetbike, an artillery, and a looted lemun russ.* First turn I was out of range for everything except my railrifle, but got no hits, so used a markerlight and hit his biker.* His turn, he charged, and fired with his tank, killing two firewarriors, (pulse carbines).* He ended his turn.* I assaulted his tank with my railrifle, to no avail.* And luckily, got another markerlight.* I had two missiles shoot, killed his artillery and two gretchins from explosion.* And another gretchin as it leaped in front of an ork.* He charged again, assaulted with his tank, and got nothing.* He then shot with around 7 orks, as all the rest were out of range, and none wounded me.* I then assaulted his Lemun russes side with a missile, and pulled two sixes, causing it to explode, killing two orks behind it.* My firewarriors then slaughtered about five orks, then my bodyguard shot down three with rapid fire and fusion.* At this point his biker was dead, I dont remember how though.* He managed to get closer, but still not in CC, so he killed my pathfinder.* I shot down about 10 more orks, and ended turn.* He finally got me into close combat, and killed two firewarriors, and caused my bodyguard a wound.* My commander got his four attacks, hitting no one.* And my firewarrior, (the only one left in CC), got a kill on an ork.* My bodyguard killed the two orks around him, and that would* have allowed me to kill the rest of his orks since they weren't in CC, and were at range, but the game had to be ended, due to lack of time.* He had around ten orks, and I had an unharmed commander, a bodyguard with one wound left, and seven firewarriors.
Orks- Lemun russ
Artillery cannon
Around 10 to 20 orks and gretchins
Tau- Pathfinder
Four firewarriors

Note:* I realise that having the pathfinder without a devilfish is illegal, but he didn't do squat so it didn't matter.
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