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Upgrade names backwards?
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Old 18 Dec 2005, 22:57   #1 (permalink)
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Default Upgrade names backwards?

Anyone else think the crisis suit upgrade names might be backwards. Wouldn't the upgrade that locks onto your target allow you to fire more then one weapon... the recoil would be circumvented by the lock. And wouldn't the upgrade that lets you fire at a different unit then your squad be a multi-tracker? Sargent says "SHOOT THEM!" Your multitracker picks up an incoming tactical squad and change targets....

Maybe its just me
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Default Re: Upgrade names backwards?

I dunno, it's supposed to sound techy rather than logical... and you could argue it either way:

The Target Lock lets you lock onto a different target than his squad.
The Multi-Tracker lets you track ballistics, trajectories, etc. for multiple weapons.

And anyway... their fluff function would be very different - any dolt with an MIU could realistically blast away with two weapons at whatever he damn well pleased.
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Default Re: Upgrade names backwards?

well I Kept getting confused by it as well but I remembered it by:
target lock locks onto seperate targets

Multi Tracker tracks multiple weapons

I think it does make sense how it is

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Default Re: Upgrade names backwards?

In my opinion the design team got the names backwards. But that's life, they aren't perfect. (Not even close, actually...) But anyways, take a look at the Multi-Tracker and Target Lock bits. The Target lock is a single triple lens, forward facing module that obviously can only see one target. The Multi-tracker is a multi-lens module with 270 degree vision and possible radar/sonar capabilities. The Multi-tracker should have been the upgrade to allow suits to target a different unit that they are not engaged with. While the target lock, being focused, should allow all the suit's fire to be directed appropriately.

But, they did it the other way. It doesn't quite make sense, but that's they way they decided it should be.
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