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Your Tau Armies
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Your Tau Armies

hey people, i was jsut painting my last "unpainted fire warrior" and i began to think..."hmm i wonder who has the coolest looking tau model", my firewarriors are regal blue with certain panels painted enchanted blue then highlighted with enchanted blue with a small mix of skull white, I will try to put a picture on, but what im asking is if you can show me your tau units and say what the coolest colours are*
thanks from Mobbz
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Default Re: You tau Armies

i like my color scheme alot. the armour is bleached bone with a hard line highlight of skull white. the under armour is a 80:20 mix of blood red/black drybrushed...this looks like dark brown/reddish leather, especially after inking! Man it looks good. then, for flavor, red gore is applyed to random armour plates, the circle things on the gun tips, certain veterans helmets...and of course wherever there are symbols and stuff. the idea is, the more red on the characters armor, the more veteran status he is...needless to say, my Shas'o R'myr forgeworld model is going to be almost all red!!
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Default Re: You tau Armies

Um... You realise there are about three posts like this around?

Anyway, my Commander, although not painted excellently, is pretty cool. He's using a custom built flight stand to fly above a Space Marine Commander (On the base) shooting a plasma rifle in the gap between his shoulder and his head, and coming out his back. (I actually modelled the plasma). I'm still trying to figure out how to make blood come out the SM's back.

As for the commander himself, I've added an Iron Halo onto his Missile Pod (for hitting people with) and got three claws of a lightning claw coming out of his shield generator on his plasma rifle arm. (Kind of like Maiev's weapon if anyone here plays Warcraft 3). I've also got sensor spines on his back, and plans for a banner dangling from one of the spines.


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Default Re: You tau Armies

Well, I think my converted commander is pretty cool, he has two O'shova blades on his gun which is a necron Gauss cannon, he has an O'shova shield for a torso and a drone for a shield gen, have a look
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Default Re: Your Tau Armies

Have a look at the Showcase forum. There have been many really nice Tau armies posted there.

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Default Re: You tau Armies

Originally Posted by Hadhfang
Well, I think my converted commander is pretty cool, he has two O'shova blades on his gun which is a necron Gauss cannon, he has an O'shova shield for a torso and a drone for a shield gen, have a look
That is a great model. I've seen it before at different angles but I cant have too much of it.It's so nice, and sets off alot of rumors about the Tau andold ones but...
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