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Need Ideas or help with list....new/old player...trying to make a neutral list..
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Default Need Ideas or help with list....new/old player...trying to make a neutral list..

Okay well I just got back into playing for the first time in 3 years...went with my tau...and for the first time ever I am actually sticking with an army and not buying a new one every month LOL Well had my first 2 games with tau, as well as with new rules and chapter approved...against NIDS!!!! I really like tau, kinda remind me of IG but better guns ..kinda? LOL anyways..I dont remember much about the nids ...never really played against them and dont play as them so forgive my inability to remember all the correct names...

My list is one I thought of being neutral...

1 Eth. w.shield drones

1 crisis unit 3 man all armed same and with gun drones

1 stealth unit with gun drones

2 fire warrior squads 12 man each with markers , bonded, and the wargear lets me shoot at other units I forgot.

1 Pathfinders unit w.rail rifles ,nades.

2 hammer heads

Thats what I basically thought was a balanced list...ready for about anything, still do though I would appreciate some input...After the first game against nids...got killed to a man...turned out the guy was using armour rules wrong!! he was giving his guys a 2+ invulnerable and a 6+(or whatever) normal save...so I couldnt kill the heavy hitters...but the next game after the armour situation was taking care of, and a slight list change ( dropped the crisis suits for the railgun ones , unit of 3 with only shield drones ) ...well this game I lost only my stealth suit team and the railgun unit wiped out a unit of termagants (like 25 or something? ) on thier own in hth...weird huh? but before that they took out the tyrant as well as the one with the psychic powers...and the fire warriors took out a termagant unit as well as the warriors ( i belive thats right )...So I am strongly thinking of running same list with out crisis suits , but instead running rail units plus the 2 hammer heads....well love to have some input on the list from anyone else...mind you I am trying to go for a neutral list...not a specific list..I am also adding in 1 more unit of full 12 fire warriors, but dropping the markerlight from the other units as well and just having them all bonded and nothing else...and maybe adding a transport?

thoughts would be great on a NEUTRAL list...not an army specific list...I tend to have more fun thinking up strategys with a neutral list than a army specific list.

Cheers!!! and thanks for the help!!!
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Default Re: Need Ideas or help with list....new/old player...trying to make a neutral list..

1 crisis unit 3 man all armed same and with gun drones

Armed the same with what? (What are the Crisis suits armed with?)

I'd keep at least some Crisis suits. Jetpacks are really handy, and some weapons on the Crisis you can't get anywhere else.

Maybe some Kroot might help? They could infiltrate with your Stealth Suits. Or just act as a meat wall. Whichever you prefer.

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Default Re: Need Ideas or help with list....new/old player...trying to make a neutral list..

Your list is pretty vauge their but I do have some thoughts.

Split your crisis team up into as many units as possible (in this case two because you have stealths) this will allow for greater tactical flexibility

Target Lock is virtually useless on your firewarriors (points could be spent elsewhere)

I would go with the team leader over bonded because it is more versitile (bonding requires a certain set of circumstances whereas the leader simply improves your base Ld.)

You CANNOT field pathfinders without a devilfish troop transport.

Other than that I can't say much else without knowing:
1)What your crisis suits are armed with (and the hammerheads for that matter, I assume Railheads)
2)The total points cost of your army
3)Your target points cost for the army. (as in, what size games do you normally play)

hope that helps
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Old 18 Dec 2005, 21:10   #4 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Need Ideas or help with list....new/old player...trying to make a neutral list..

i know you cant field pathfinders without one,seriously I am new to the tau but not that new. they ..well so far only real suggestion is for kroot, havnt tried them yet might next time I play, but I am not a big fan of them. I do want to run another unit of stealth suits....as for points about 1.5k or something close to that. And so far what I know of people that play at the location I am now playing at its all Necrons and Nids...so uhm...no clue really...I was thinking of going with the ion cannon for tanks but I ran the railgun...the template shot did alot of damage!!...anyways...looking to hear what other people have to say.
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Default Re: Need Ideas or help with list....new/old player...trying to make a neutral list..

You should also consider a Mech Tau list. *See the basics here: http://www-personal.engin.umich.edu/...au_Lite_v4.pdf

The problem with Tau is that all that firepower is useless once your static elements get caught. *It usually means buying alot more devilfish, but it makes Tau far more competitive. *Firepower and mobility make Tau fun.
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