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Default sundering

reviewing some tau books- realized a few things that should maybe exist. i also have found some of the nasty on the new codex. so read through what i found- and be rewarded by the last paragraph.
the tau have nasty bombers called "dorsals" which dropped drone controled Fusion bombs. they lead the way befor a military action. none of this is considered so far, and up to now this method of war has not been considered.
fio are medics- however shas are the field medics, it would be nice if they had rules for this. someone mentioned tau drone grenades, there not issue- but how cool would it be if there were tau sabotage squads- like a branch of the pathfinders.
i meantioned in a prior post about Tau exterminatus, well apparently the way they bombard a planet is with specialized plasma that can pinpoint hit targets.
ok ok- now here's what i've got
1. The tau crisis suit pilot will indeed be able to jetisson= but get this! there making a model with a puls pistol look'n all mean and trailing wires to from suit.
2. the sniper- its gonna be awsome. this guy controles the drones individually, the drones fly out and wreck/raise some heII.
3. the stealth suits are getting more then one weapon alternative, plus its a different type of suit- so the old ones are going to still be made and you can still use them.
4. the vespid weapon- i don't know if this has already been stated- is indeed range 12, ap 3 but is a "SM killer, not a vehicle one."
5. All thats been stated for O'shova- well theres more, much more- and its ALL GOOD.

hope i could help as the release date nears- its rough no? ha...
ps: "anyone who knows anything about GW fluff knows that the Tau having nothing to do with the Old Ones"- GWBS, HQ
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Default Re: sundering

Um.. it seems like you're talking about two different things here? The first bit - they probably do miss stuff, though that's only on a 40k scale. I mean, you can't have a bombardment of fusion bomber drones or plasma bombardment in your standard 40k game.

As for the second bit - yes, you just mentioned a few of the rumoured new units?

And your point to this thread is..?
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Default Re: sundering

well two points really, and i apologize for not making it clear- first of all my musings, second of all confirmed rumors- or maybe new ones- perhaps this is badly placed. i can make two seperate posts i guess, one in rumors, the other in tau or house rules.
perhaps you want to lock this?
apologese for the randomness
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