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High rate of fire crisis suits.
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Default High rate of fire crisis suits.

Looking for a high rate of fire crisis configuration. Any thoughts on how a burst cannon/ missle pod configuration would work out? I have some spare crisis suits I can build them into.

Or if thats not the best high rate, what would be?
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Default Re: High rate of fire crisis suits.

What you've got is probably the best number of shots. However, a flamer might give you heaps of hits. (Depends on how well you use it).

But seriously, going for number of shots over quality of shots isn't good on a crisis suit. That's what Stealth Teams are for.

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Default Re: High rate of fire crisis suits.

It would be suggest not to glue on weapons which would lock you into a specific config..

As Faolin said, High Fire rate isn't really what suits are for.. they're usually better with carrying the majority of High Str /AP weapons that the Tau have available, which other units can't take. Have a look at XV8 Battlesuit Configs/Tactics, which is listed in the Important Topics Sticky.
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Default Re: High rate of fire crisis suits.

I have 3 burst cannon and missil pod suits, trust me, dont do it. Burst cannons are better elsewhere they really are. For pure rate of fire fireknife is good, or deathrain when used right can get out a fair few shots.

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Default Re: High rate of fire crisis suits.

I wouldn't recommend it from a "you're going to fight marines SOMETIME" point of view. This config doesn't work on marines.
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Default Re: High rate of fire crisis suits.

Well that answers that then.

Planning on solid deathrain and helios (ie gluing), beyond that I have more suits which I'm deciding on configuration.
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Default Re: High rate of fire crisis suits.

Contrary to popular belief, the Burst Cannon is actually one of the best anti-infantry weapons available to an XV-8. Even against T4 and 3+ saves, it's amazingly efficient. In fact, variations on the Plasma/BurstCannon config are the only XV8 loadouts that are more efficient than a Stealth Suit at killing Marines.

The real problem with putting Burst Cannons on XV8's is that you need those hardpoints for mouting the weapons you can't get anywhere else... namely plasma rifles and missile pods. You can get anti-light and anti-medium infantry killing power elsewhere, so it seems somewhat silly to equip your elite suits to do a job that most every other unit in the list can do as well... you don't need your XV8's for that. However you can't mount plasma or missiles on any other platform in the list.

Therefore, bring plasma and missiles first, to deal with heavy infantry and light vehicles... and THEN, if you're still itching to bring more XV8's feel free to consider a plasma/burst config variant. Although keep in mind that they're likely going to be somewhat superfluous since the Firewarriors, Kroot, Gun Drones, Hammerheads and Stealth Suits can all do their job as well.
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Default Re: High rate of fire crisis suits.

this has all been covered by Malveaux in http://forums.tauonline.org/index.ph...9873#msg239873
In that topic, the argument was whether or not to take burst cannons on a crisis suits. And it basically boiled down to the fact that unless you're sure you're going to play against massive hordes armies, leave the bursts to the stealths, since the crisis have better things to do (of course, if you are playing against hordes, a flamer/burstcannon would decimate it kinda quickly...)
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