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Representing wargear?
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Default Representing wargear?

Hey guys, long time read, first time poster. I am currently having a problem with representing wargear of a vehicle. The specific items I am having a problem with are multi-tracker, target lock, and disruption pods. I would think that all these system would be internal or atleast represented on a default model. The multi-tracker and target lock could be represented by the cameras above each small weapon and the one on the nose. Disruption pods I would think come out of the vents marked on the underside of the vehicle.

So anyone have any ideas on how to represent these wargear to be tournament complient? I really perfer NOT to glue on the battlesuits wargear to the ship as I find it looks... not so good.
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Default Re: Representing wargear?

you dont really need to do anything.


the big antena = multi tracker.
the thing in the hammerhead nose = targeting array + target lock
some other random bits are decoy launchers.
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Default Re: Representing wargear?

forgeworld sells some of these, I know they have decoy launchers.
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Default Re: Representing wargear?

Its not something your opponent will hassle you over...
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Default Re: Representing wargear?

Originally Posted by MechTau
Its not something your opponent will hassle you over...
Depends on who you play. I know some very stingy peopl ethat will hate it when I proxy weapons on suits so I can see if I like the new or old configuration better.
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Default Re: Representing wargear?

Welcome to the forums!

There are currently no specific regulations on how upgrades should be represented, aside from the seeker missiles. It is entirely up to you how you build them, although you should probably add something in case you are playing in a strict tournament and someone asks. Then you can point out what is what on your tanks.
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Default Re: Representing wargear?

The couple antenae things I use in this case. Target lock and multi tracker and targeting array all in the nose. Sensor spines that 3 antenae thing is sensor spines. The only thing i Have trouble with is the decoy launchers. But then again well nobody I have played so far gives me trouble if there is no upgrade piece to put on. Forgeworld sells some of these things, flechette dischargers, decoy launchers and seeker missils I believe.

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Default Re: Representing wargear?

I don't understand how anyone could complain about your vehicle not showing an upgrade the original box doesn't even contain a piece for. That would imply you couldn't play a tournament with GW's own models. Absurd.
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Default Re: Representing wargear?

I'm pretty sure it actually says in the Codex that all upgrades must be shown on the vehicle.
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Default Re: Representing wargear?

Here we go

For a decoy launcher i just glued clusters of fire warrior grenades near the engine mounts

Disruption pod is a modified seeker missile with antennas sticking out

multi tracker, I just used a suit one without the back fin part

Target array, thats the chin thingy

Target lock, i stuck a lil gizmo (back part of a suit burst cannon) to the back of the turret. Its a seperate targeting radar system for the main gun
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