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Cheesy Eldar player
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Cheesy Eldar player

Recently I just finsihed a campaign in school with 9 other people. All the armies were balanced and well constructed although, one player was not to this trend.

He was an Eldar player who Used 2 wraith lords in every match, we were playing 750 points each match. He stomped me good in our match when I played a hybrid army.

Please, help me by adivising me on beating a cheesy Eldar army, we are having another campaign in the new year in which he is. I want to show him balance is better the power
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Default Re: Cheesy Eldar player

Use Broadside suits, at least 2, to take his wraithlords down quickly/easily. Then build a normal army arround it.
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Default Re: Cheesy Eldar player

Alternativley take an all mounted army and simply evade his Wraithlords all game. Once the army around them is dead you can just sit back and kill them at your leisure. If they have missile weapons those two beasts account for at least 300 points of his very small army. Eldar armies are usually fairly small so it shouldn't be hard to kill the rest of his stuff off.

Remember there's nothing wrong with running from a battle you can't win. Pick where you want to fight and what you want to kill, anihilate it and move onto the next target.
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Default Re: Cheesy Eldar player

If, he has 2 wriathlords, put in 2 HH/boradsides/teams of plamsa eating crisis. this should do the trick!
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Aha, a brilliant point Impulse!
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Default Re: Cheesy Eldar player

I would NOT recommend plasma crisis. Our plasma is only str 6, which means you need to roll EDIT: a 6 to wound a wraithlord. Fusion is a bit of a better choice, though not much. We really don't have a weapon that's greatly efficient at taking out wraithlords... except the railgun.
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Default Re: Cheesy Eldar player

Seeker Missiles, Fusion Blasters, Ioncannons, and Railguns are the weapons to use against wairthlords. I would advise against fusions because you don't want to get that close to a wairthlord. The Ion cannon might need 5's to wound but the volume of fire more than makes up for this. Railguns are pretty straight forward.
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Default Re: Cheesy Eldar player

Seekers are a good way to shave off wounds... 1-2 wounds (Leaning heavily towards two) on average. This assumes you do a "seeker salvo" and isn't feasible for 750 Points.

Balance is good, clean fun. Try grading on composition...
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Default Re: Cheesy Eldar player

Well...wraithlords move 6", right? So they can't catch dismounted firewarriors anyway, right? I don't see the problem, he's put 40% of his points into 2 models, so concentrate on killing one of them with rail guns (2 hammerheads at 750 is pushing it a bit, but one railhead and one broadside is ok) and simply stay away from the other one. With that much spent on wraithlords, you should have no trouble demolishing the rest of his army...if you kill 600 points and ignore the other 150, you should win...
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Default Re: Cheesy Eldar player

By the time the next tournament comes out, the new Codex will be out, right? If it is, we will have (I think) ion rifles, Devilfish with Fusion, and a few other nasties, like Rail Rifle Drones. (To the best of my knowledge) all of those will work great aginst a Wraithlord, so why don't you 'suprise him >'
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Default Re: Cheesy Eldar player

Cheesy Eldar player
I have never seen any other kind, honestly. Every single Eldar player I've seen uses lame, underhanded, or cheasy tactics, while boasting a poor attitude to match.

But I constructed my tau not to depend on troops, the majority of my points is in crisis suits, units very capable of evading puny wraithlords.

But thats my army, for you I might recoment a hammer head with an Ion cannon.

Every eldar player? Am I included in that? Don't lay down generalised judgement on players that collect a particular race, it just starts arguments, and I consider it trolling. If it wasn't for the small amount of advice in that post - that would have been your 13th smite.
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