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Four-way battle report (work in progress until New Year's)
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Default Four-way battle report (work in progress until New Year's)

shas'vre kais shovah acompanied the ethereal aun'o and looked upon the many fire warriors boarding a ship. "that is the main force kais?" "yes oh blessed one. but that ship is not as important as these young tau here" he pointed to a gathering of 18 tau 18 kroot 10gun drones 3 crisis suits and a broadide.
"and what i so important about these tau?"
kais beckoned him to a war room where a holo panel revealed a planet which was mainly ocean.
"the planet which shall soon become known as t'aul'ona is at the moment being assaulted by 3 small armys made up of eldar who are dark and orks"
"and what about the 3rd"
"imperium guards"
a warning claxon sounded as the ship there were boarding began to take of.
"good luck to us" said the ethereal.
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Default Re: my four way battle storys until new years day when it happens

Best thing to do:

Stay in your corner of the board, advance slowly, blast everything in your kill radius. They may slug it our amound them selves... esp. Imperial Guard, whose tanks would be blown way up is they tried to attack.
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