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Have these rumors been discussed?
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Default Have these rumors been discussed?

Some of this has been posted, some is a bit new but I figured it was worth a post. From Warseers Brimstone (his answered in bold type:

Originally Posted by Grimtuff
Just a few more Battlesuit support systems my local store manager saw after visiting the studio.

General rules for Battlesuit: all come with Deep strike and Acute Senses as standard

Correct, Acute senses USR as per the rule book (p75)

Vectored engines (I think thats what its called) Allows Battlesuits to have hit and run ability

Vectored Retro thrusters IIRC gives you Hit & Run USR (special issue)

Forgot the name of it, but it gives you a 2+ save, but jump back is reduced to D6"

Iridium Armour plates.

Another one that allows anyone within 12" of the commander to use his Ld for target priority.

Command & Control node.

All bodyguard models can take those special weapons the commander can take.

Correct, the bodyguard are all Shas'vre and therefore get access to special issue wargear.

The shotgun/mortar one Strength of a Bolter, AP of a Bolter, small blast and ignores cover, also you always count as stationary for scatter and if the whole unit has it is counts as a multiple barrage.

Small? I thought it was large although I'm more than willing to conceed that might have changed.

The exploding Battlesuit one: if you get run down in HTH you can opt for your bodyguard to escape and you blow up instead, causing a S8 hit on stuff (not sure on the specifics of this)

S8 AP- large blast, other rules involved as well.

Sniper Drones have a stealth field generator (with a 36" range as well, ouch!) and network markerlights

Sniper drones don't have network makerlights the spotter does.

O Shova can have a bodyguard of up to 7 Crisis suits (yes, with all of the above options available)

Fire Warriors in O shova's army are bonded for free, being "blood brothers" and all

Both correct.

Aun' Va has rules "very inspiring precense" and "ultimate price fo failure" not sure what both of these do, I assume they are obviously boosted versions of the standard Ethereal's abilities (Brimstone, help here!)

Supremely inspiring presence makes all Tau within line of sight to Aun'va stubborn.

He also added this a few posts later:

In updated/corrected news to my previous post Stealth Sas'vres DO NOT get special issue wargear it's now only available to XV-8 Shas'vre (which makes sense testing new equipment on their most reliable battlesuit).

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Default Re: Have these rumors been discussed?

Already posted in the rumours board, just under 6 hrs before this. This should've gone in the rumours board anyway.

Existing thread: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=14919.0

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