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Broadside, Shield Drones or Generator?
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Old 12 Dec 2005, 19:29   #1 (permalink)
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Default Broadside, Shield Drones or Generator?

Which would be a better thing to use on a Broadside for protection? Two Shield Drones or a Shield Generator? The drones are more expensive and can force the Broadside into a Morale check and give the infernal majority save and toughness rule, but can be a great shield for the Broadside. The Shield Generator does not change the toughness or normal save of the model and is cheaper, but can still make a Lascannon kill a Broadside half the time. Which would be better to use? I play lots of marines and sometimes the boards I play on are too small to use the 72'' range to the fullest. Which should I take?

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Default Re: Broadside Shield Drones or Generator

Well, for investment purposes I'm happier spending the extra 10 points for 2 more wounds with the a sheilded Broadside counting as the majority the Drone's 'close protection' rule gives. Thats without knowing whether or not drones are wargear or friends in the new book.
I'd be tempted to take the drones and keep him in cover if possible anyway. The majority problem is really only if he gets shot by no AT weapons, hopefully these should be distracted by other things anyway.
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Old 12 Dec 2005, 20:52   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Broadside, Shield Drones or Generator?

I'm going to need to be sure of the updated Shield Drones before I can comment. As it stands, I still think that hiding in area terrain or behind fortifications is all but essential for Broadsides. Both the Target Lock and the Multi-Tracker are currently far too useful to a unit of Broadsides for me to take a Drone Controller or Shield Generator instead.
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Old 12 Dec 2005, 20:58   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Broadside, Shield Drones or Generator?

I would take the generator. Only if you have a single broadside. Otherwise, its a waste of a hardpiont. Better off getting a groupd of gun drones and place it in front of the broadside.
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Default Re: Broadside, Shield Drones or Generator?

Shield Gen would be my choice.

Drones cause too many problems. Too bad the BS is not like a tank with no Ld then drones would be da bomb!

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Default Re: Broadside, Shield Drones or Generator?

why not both (hardpoint generator, HW drones)? Sure it's about double points, but you do get the choice of a 4+INV or 2 drones to take the hit.
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Default Re: Broadside, Shield Drones or Generator?

I personally prefer the shield drone approach. I seem to have alot of luck with the 4+ save and tend to make those rolls like it's my job which causes no end of torment to my SM and IG opponents.

My usual load out team is expensive, but I've only ever lost the entire team once and for the most part they end up doing quite a profficient job of dealing out the hurt while effectly causing the enemy to waste countless heavy weapon shots trying to take them out and failing repeatly.

This team is in every list I make of +1000 pts

High Stone Breaker (Broadside team) x3

Breaker Lead Breaker One Breaker Two
-Team leader -TL Railguns -TL Railguns
-TL Railguns -Drone Controller x2 Shield Drones -Drone Controller x2 Shield Drones
-Drone Controller x2 Shield Drones -SMS -SMS
-HW Target Lock

Total: 312 pts

They've never let me down.
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Old 12 Dec 2005, 22:37   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: Broadside, Shield Drones or Generator?

I equipped my 2 Broadsides with shield generators for the same reason you gave in your post, Tyconderoga - I didn't want the Broadside running away having seen one of it's little drones blown away :-\. Since I've got a fairly small army and prefer infantry and 'suits to tanks, I use the pair separately rather than in a team anyway - usually pretty far apart to avoid them both being taken out by deepstrikers.

I think that there is certainly some merit to giving the Broadsides shield drones however, especially since they're less likely to be swept away by small-arms fire if positioned near your table-edge ( and the subsequent coup de grace from a Lascannon on the now unshielded Broadside - roll a 1 to wound please! ).
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Old 13 Dec 2005, 09:48   #9 (permalink)
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Default Re: Broadside, Shield Drones or Generator?

I'd say shield generator every time.

The problem with drones is that they have to make the saves as long as they are alive. As they've only got a 4+ save, small arms fire can strip away the drones, leaving you defenceless against krak missiles and the like.

Both would be nice >

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Default Re: Broadside, Shield Drones or Generator?

i say shield drone every time!

there a pain in the neck to the enmey and i've never seen any of my broads run but i've seen the ones with shield generoators die instantly. if your packing an etheral there is no reason even to both worrying about loss of the drones
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