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Tau Fire Warrior
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Old 10 Dec 2005, 10:14   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Tau Fire Warrior

Is it bad or good to have several FW teams bonded in groups of six?
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Default Re: Tau Fire Warrior

I'd probably say bad, as it chews up extra points and troop choices. But you dont have to listen to me, as it could have its upside as well, like if only one group gets wiped out in CC, the rest live on. Its probably in-between. :-\
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Default Re: Tau Fire Warrior

It's extremely bad. Most people don't bon their firewarriors, but I think it can have some value if you take a 12 man squad, especially if you take 2 drones. For a 6 man squad to use bonding, it has to get down to 2 men, right, cause that's below half. Bonding costs as much as a firewarrior. So you basically paid 5 extra points for each of those two guys to have a chance to not run off the board...what are you going to do with 2 15-point firewarriors all by themselves?

On the other hand, a bonded squad with 14 models could have 6 models left if they use bonding to rally, and two of those models would be gun drones. They can't take any objectives, but that's still 6 S5 shots per turn...and the cost of bonding spread over 6 models is less than two points per model.

So, never take bonding for 6 man squads...because saving 2 fire warriors from running away is not worth it...and if they still have 3, the squad is not below half strength, and bonding isn't needed. Only bond 12+ model FW squads, stealth teams and 3+ model crisis teams...and broadside teams.
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Default Re: Tau Fire Warrior

i like what rodent said. ;D
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Default Re: Tau Fire Warrior

Bonding does not in my experience return the broken unit to fighting effectiveness, sure it could but that is not the main point. What I find it to be is VP denial. When one of my 8-12 man squads is shot down below half and manages to break bonding can help turn the survivors around, perhaps not to claim objectives or any of that but to deny the enemy a full half of the squads points. A 12 man Firewarrior squad, bonded and with shas'ui is 140 points. Knocked below half there has to be at the most 5 men left but I usually find it to be 1-3 who manage to escape. Even if you have 1 model (the shas'ui most likely) left that is still 70 points that your enemy does not get. So the 10 (if you want to add bonding 20) point model is denying 70 points. The survivors may no longer be usefull on the battlefield but now they can dive for cover and wait for the game to end, maybe run back into a transport or take up snipering spots to get off a few pot shots at long range but with luck your enemy will be too busy to finish them off and will only get half points for the squad. Spread this out over multiple squads and you could be saving enough points to mean the difference between victory and defeat (I know its come down to as little with me before).

Bonding is not for everyone and what I said above is just one way in which it can be usefull. But with a 6 man team its just not worth the points. 8 at the very least and thats pushing it. You really need a solid squad of 10-12 to make it worth its points though 6 man stealth teams can also benefit as even though there are fewer of them they are harder to kill and having a survivor isnt that out of the question. For crisis teams it is pretty much a waste of points aswell especially if you only take at the most 2 man teams.

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Default Re: Tau Fire Warrior

I bond all of my fw squads and my crisis and stealth squads, but mine are all maxed out in numbers. I don't think its a great idea to even have six man squads unless you have 60 points sitting around doing nothing. You won't have the same volume of fire coming out of those squads and they're super easy to take out. I'd put them into full squads of 12 and then with the extra points buy something good like a stealth suit or something.
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Default Re: Tau Fire Warrior

i never bond firewarriors cause they just die to easy
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Default Re: Tau Fire Warrior

Originally Posted by O`Sindre
Is it bad or good to have several FW teams bonded in groups of six?
Welcome to the forums!

Generally, I need a pretty good reason before I will bond any units. A static unit of Fire Warriors in your deployment zone will get little benefit from bonding, as their ability to regroup below 50% will be negated if they run off the board immediately. Mechanized units can be stranded and ineffective by the time it kicks in. If morale is a serious problem, I would save the points and pick up an Ethereal (or add some Shas'Ui). They tend to be more effective solutions for Fire Warriors.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Tau Fire Warrior

i think its really bad, firstly it costs 10 points to bond a team, and if the teams are of 6, you can only have 24 men in your troop choice hhmmmm...... I'm thinking expensive and whats the point?
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Default Re: Tau Fire Warrior

i would say yes it is bad because you can get wiped out too easily
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