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Formula for calculating massed fire effectiveness (Mathhammer squared)
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Default Formula for calculating massed fire effectiveness (Mathhammer squared)

I've just finished creating a spreadsheet that calculates the firing effectiveness of single strength units (can't do crisis suits, vehicles, etc. --though it could with some creative work). I'll gladly send it to anyone who wishes to receive a copy (just PM me with an address where you'd like it sent, and hopefully I'll remember to check). By using a gnarly formula and a little patience I think I was able to effectively calculate the expected wounding rates for each unit.

I would love for anyone to comment on the formula, but I've checked it several times (against hand calculations) and I think it's finally right. If you don't know Excel, or programming logic, it might be a little bit of a pain (well, it will be anyway), but here's the calculation if anyone is willing to scrutinize it (to make sure there's no mistakes):


TotalShots = Total amount of shots from unit (it is calculated in the spreadsheet for each range)
BSkill% = resulting success percentage of BS. So BS 3=.5, Twinlinked BS2=.56, etc.
TargetT = Target's Toughness
ShootS = Shooter's Strength
Save = Target's Save

Current 'features' of the spreadsheet -
- Compares same point amount effectiveness (in terms of wounds caused) for all units in the spreadsheet. It calculates the maximum number of units (rounded down) based on a provided point amount and calculates using resulting number.
- Shows results for stationary and moving units (if there is a difference) and shows effectiveness at different ranges (which would need to be customized for each army)
- Shows results for all unique Strength and Armor combinations up to 8T. It's only 8 because standard Tau shooters can only damage up to 8T with S5 weapons. Though it is written for Tau, adding more would be easy.
- Has different results for cover (special) saves vs armor saves.
- It is currently made with the TAU in mind, but could easily be adapted to any army with just by modifying the appropriate stats.
- It rounds to the nearest hundredth, so it's not absolutely perfect, but it's close enough. This isn't really a feature, just an FYI.

This has probably been done before, but I did it because I wanted a more complete picture than the here and there against this and that analysis that always seems to happen. This way, at a glance, I have all those numbers handy, so I know what is more effective against what at what ranges.

Next I hope to work on a unit SURVIVABILITY matrix, then possibly a multi turn Hand to Hand attrition matrix. This one was kinda fun, so I'll see what I can do.

Any comments are appreciated. Thanks.
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