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Move 'ere, move 'ere, MAKE UP YOUR MIND.
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Default Move 'ere, move 'ere, MAKE UP YOUR MIND.

This thread doesn't actually have anything to do with uppity greenskins or indecisive commanders. It has to do, rather, with Infantry. The core of every army, and the easiest to kill.

I seem to have trouble figuring out how to use my FWs. REally, infantry in general, but we'll stick with my FWs for now. Do I keep them static to utilize their range? Do I load them up in a DF, rush them right into the enemy's firing range, and potentially let them die? Do I stick them in cover and let them shoot? When do I advance? When do I retreat? Every time I do any of these thigns, I lose too many FWs for my own comfort.

So yeah. I'd really just like some advice about when and how to move troops. If it helps, I play a hybrid Tau army, currently with 4 FW squads, 2 in DF. Don't worry about what I don't have though; I can always get it.
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Default Re: Move 'ere, move 'ere, MAKE UP YOUR MIND.

I am very comfortable, when playing hybrid lists, with leaving my FWs at maximum range, in cover if possible, and shooting. When the enemy comes near you either run up and rapid-fire, or retreat, whichever you think will work better in the situation.

When I play my Mech lists, I do the same thing, except I move the devilfish back and forth so they don't get shot down so easily. I think I'm doing it wrong though. ;D

I guess theoretically I would move the fire warriors when they got in trouble? I don't know when that is, they usually just get shot and then its too late to move them. Maybe I'm supposed to place them 28-30" from the nearest threat? I dunno, whenever I ask this question people usually sidestep and say "more experience with the mech tau play style, mumble mumble." I am having trouble figuring out what to do with devilfish.

People seem to have trouble elucidating when to do what with fire warriors.
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Default Re: Move 'ere, move 'ere, MAKE UP YOUR MIND.

If possible, ALWAY get your FW into cover, its better for low ap saves and allows our troops to go first in an attack *gasp*. When using Devilfish, you don't have to just rush them up to their deaths at rapid fire range. Just hang back, move your fish around enough to keep them on the glancing table. And if a nasty surprize (flamers, termies, etc.) show up at your doorstep, simply load up and head for the hills. If you don't get ambushed, simply play them as static while the enemies troops advance to get into range...then the turn before they move into firing range, load up. After that, it's a simple matter of FoF with support and you should be fine.
Once the new codex comes out and FW are allowed to run with full carbines (if rumour serves true), then I can foresee footslogging FW squads moving around the feild. Until then, just follow the basic rules of mechanization and static troops. Best of luck.

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