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Tetras, tigersharks, mantas and barracudas
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Tetras, tigersharks, mantas and barracudas

Guys please gimme evrythin' u no about.........wel.........everything mentioned in the topic.

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Default Re: Tetras, tigersharks, mantas and barracudas

Sorry, but GW would hunt everyone down if we gave you rules for them.
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Default Re: Tetras, tigersharks, mantas and barracudas

Rules/stats - can't.

For an opinion on the models, see Guide to all Forge World Tau and Kroot models, which is listed in the stickied ‘Important topics’ thread, or do a forum search for more threads (there are heaps out there, no need to repeat everything again..)
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