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Tau vs Chaos
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Old 07 Dec 2005, 20:58   #1 (permalink)
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Default Tau vs Chaos

Heya People i need some really big help, the tension between me and a rival has been building up for the past month now and big battle between me (Tau) and my friend (chaos/Bezerkers) has come into place, this guy is to be fair, quite strategically minded so i need someone to help me in giving me a battleplan, His army ranges in everything in the khorne armoury except greater daemons, and i have every model (except special characters) ready for a battle, i need to no what to use and what to do I'm thinkin of using:-
.A forge world commander 110pt-bodyguard 2 tau squads, 2 kroot squads, 2-3 4 man crisis battle suit squads, hammer head with railgun and maybe some broadsides? what do u think? what should my plan of action be against the chaos?
this battle is going be big we have got loads of people to watch and loads of the staff are going to be watching so i need to win.
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Default Re: Tau vs Chaos

dont get into CC with them, stay back and blast [edited] into them, if they have rhinos, just get a railgun on it
ahhh good old trusty railgun ;D

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Default Re: Tau vs Chaos

Railgun on Rhinos? Why when the standard pulse rifle can punch through the armor? Not to mention missile pods, plasma rifles and burst cannons?

I haven't had the pleasure of facing Chaos. Is the armor on Rhinos better than the standard marines? Seems to me that tactics used against SM would be as effective against Chaos:

Stay away from Assault troops.
Kill the fast units.
Stay mobile.
Don't try to exchange fire - You'll lose eventually.
Focus fire on units to wipe them out.

Is there special things one needs to be aware of? Like special chaos powers? I'd worry about the low Tau leadership. I faced Fear of Darkness in my recent game and that librarian power broke several units every time he used it. They usually rallied, but concentration of fire is tough when your formations keep breaking up!
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Default Re: Tau vs Chaos

Target proity is the key to all battles.
Take out the fast/assulty things
Heavy weapon squads (they kill all crisis fast!)
Don't try to shoot at different units, but consentrate. Also shoot at whatever taget is avalible for units that are separate from the bulk of your army. Example: if your HH can't fire at the Beserkers aim for the next threat.
Also if you can Go Fireknife for SM killing. That plasma rifle can be devistating to the SM same for the missle pod. If you have any Devil Fish put a squad in it the ones you have. Give a Fusion balster to one of you Crisis if you want a good tank hunter.

PS: Crisis come in squads of 3 not 4. ;D

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Default Re: Tau vs Chaos

I've faced Chaos with my Mech Tau several times, and I've learned a few things.

Firstly, mount everyone you can in a Devilfish and have as many Hammerheads as you own on the field. Always move them 6'', and then fire. Ion Cannons will likely be more effective, but keep one Railgun around for vehicles and massed infantry (hey, if you force him to roll enough saves, he will fail some).

I generally like one big squad of Kroot to hang out in a forest and shoot at passing Chaos/receive charges. Having two might be overkill.

As for Broadsides... I'm not sure. They're very costly, and unless your opponent fields a lot of vehicles/multiple wound guys, you might want to leave them at home. Plasma weapons are nice, as Crisis 541 pointed out, because they don't get saves. Missile pods are nice too, especially if you want to stay out of range.

You want to keep most of your army in Devilfishes, so you can (for instance) move all your guys to your left flank if he reaches the right flank first. Only let your FW stand to Fish of Fury ISOLATED units, or to take up defensive positions in a last resort. Keep moving, use your Kroot to distract him or to throw in as a speed bump once his force is charging.

If you're worried about Morale Checks (not usually a huge problem w/ Mech Tau, since most of your guys are in tanks the entire game), maybe take an Ethereal?

Hit his scary charging guys and their transports, then go for his heavy support. Keep your force fluid and dynamic. And always, always move all your skimmers at least 6''.

Also, check out this thread: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=14683.0

Good luck,

P.S. Chaos Rhinos are better, they can get upgrades like Living Metal. Not sure what they do exactly, but I think they can improve the AV by 1, or something nice like that.
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Default Re: Tau vs Chaos


The Choas vehicle upgrade is called Mutated Hull that gives them a +1 to AV(max14). Don't Know how expensive it is but it might be worth it to your opponent to get an assalt squad or two across the table (as he already know you're Tau).

I've played only one game vs. Korne Smurfs and they can take some wicked-fast bikes which gives them an invulnerable save during thier uber-boost move. Luckily those are expensive, and this guy loves to play min/max, so his army was 1/3 the size of mine. I kept mobile, poured fire into the bikes and JSJ around terrain to kill his footslogger Berserkers. Never-the-less 2 bikers, one of them a tricked-out Champ, made it into CC and ate 12 FW and 2 Broadsides. FW have a herd enough time grappling with Grots so Korne SM must be avoided at all costs! Take a Mech-Tau army and follow the advice of the above posters and you should come out OK
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Default Re: Tau vs Chaos

OK I will tell you that if he plays his khorne right this will be tough for tau to win. I play both armies so I know how they are used. First thing, Khorne are fast. You want to stay aways. Second thing, It is hard to stay away. They can pin you between two charging units and they can summon demons 6 inches in. third thing, never underestimate the firepower of khorne. If you concentrate on his berzerkers he will wittle you down. Concentrate on his tanks and there will be too many berzerkers to get away from. Just hope he isn't cheesy and takes a defiler.

What you need is lots of crisis suits and hammerheads. Always, always, ALWAYS, stay more than 12 inches away because any khorne unit can charge up to 12. Even then if he summons demons and they scatter 6 in your direction you will lose that squad. For infintry, sacrificial kroot. If the Berzerkers are closing in on you, throw in a kroot squad. He will be forced to charge and will be delayed for at least 1 turn while your suits get away. Also drone squads are fairly nice too. You can have a squad of Berzerkers running after them the entire game. Those hammerheads will work nice in taking out tanks and perhaps softening infintry(if you take an ion cannon. Submunitions won't do squat. 3+ save then 4+ feel no pain)
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