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Lack of fun; Fluffy rules
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Old 07 Dec 2005, 04:16   #1 (permalink)
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Default Lack of fun; Fluffy rules

The Tau have so few fun rules...

Ethereal is fun and has Fluff - based rules.


And finally JSJ is our last fun, Tau-only rule...

Looking at almost any other army... well, take the Culexus Assasin has at least 6 rules that are fun and fluff related...


Battle Rage when an Ethereal dies would be nice... amoung other, more fluff based and bacic things...
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Default Re: Lack of fun; Fluffy rules

Well, I disagree.* Tau have plenty of fun rules.* In addition to what you've mentioned, we have crisis that can fire 2 weapons, target different enemies in the same phase, skimmers that can move 12" and land a non-scattering blast on an enemy squad, smart missiles that don't need LOS to fire, blacksun filters to help shoot at night, disruption pods to decrease enemy range, sensor spines, flechette dischargers, kroot with fieldcraft.... and we need more?


don't forget firing rapid fire weapons at long range whilst moving!
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Default Re: Lack of fun; Fluffy rules

Actually, we have some of the "funest" rules out there, we're just so used to them we take firing two weapons at once for granted.
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Default Re: Lack of fun; Fluffy rules

Originally Posted by the_vilest_worm
we take firing two weapons at once for granted.
I know I sure do! I borrowed a freinds Ork army and attemted firing two weapons at once multiple times. He was about to hit me until I won. ;D
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Default Re: Lack of fun; Fluffy rules

Let's not forget bonding. That is one of my favorite rules out there, So fluffly and very useful.
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