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[BatRep] Kauyon Kampfer vs Witch Hunters (Illustrated*)
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Default [BatRep] Kauyon Kampfer vs Witch Hunters (Illustrated*)

Click here to read the battle report!

In response to my earlier thread here I have gone ahead and played a battle against a 1700 point strong Witch Hunters force. The experience wasn't too bad and I learned a lot about distances and such. Since the battle report looks better as a webpage than just text I won't post the play-by-play here, unless someone really requests it!

If you see some major or minor tactical problems that I did not address in the batrep, please post here and share your ideas with me! I could always use some good advice. Or if you think I should swap out a unit for something else in my army (my full collection is visible on my homepage), I wouldn't mind considering it too. Though frankly, I think my current army is well balanced in composition, mobility and number. (Edit: Though I would gladly turn on the cheese faucet and field all my Broadsides for a good laugh. I doubt they would do much though...)

*Illustrated pretty poorly in Flash. If the real battle turns out to be interesting, I would probably do a real flash battle report. This one is more like a 6 year old's crayon drawing You will need flash player to view the battle report. Best viewed in Firefox at 1024x768 or better!
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Default Re: [BatRep] Kauyon Kampfer vs Witch Hunters (Illustrated*)

Wow... you got ripped to shreds...

I would have hidden your HH behind the "Low building"... possible denying LoS. An Exorcist is a close match for a HH...

I think your Kauyon was flawed... its not offering bait, its bait & switch. Subtlety is the key... maybe leave a broadside exposed, but only from the left.
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Default Re: [BatRep] Kauyon Kampfer vs Witch Hunters (Illustrated*)

What a great battle report! I think I'll have to learn flash so I can do that. You did pretty well considering.

Yes, the HH should have hidden. HH should always hide in deployment. The assassin might have nullified it, but... Can she really turn vehicles around? That's worse than I thought.
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Default Re: [BatRep] Kauyon Kampfer vs Witch Hunters (Illustrated*)

Update: A user has informed me that it does not play properly in IE6.0. This was my fault as I encoded it for Shockwave instead of Flash. This issue has been corrected, so all IE6.0 users can now view the turn-by-turn battle. Sorry!

@Mech Tau: Yes, I got ripped pretty badly. That's because I underestimated a lot of the other guy's units! Who knew that Heavy Flamers existed and they could be used on the run. I thought Heavy meant they had to stand still! Then there's that 12" flying crazy psycho woman with the 4 Armour piercing attacks that killed all my suits. If my opponent fields her in my next battle, I'll have to make sure to keep more distance from her and focus more fire on anything with a 12" move.

I agree that my baiting was a pretty big baiting, but a lone Broadside isn't a very tempting target is it? It's useless against infantry and in Alpha, it's not worth any points. I wanted to tempt my opponent with a lot of Static Firewarriors which I knew would be sitting ducks. I just didn't expect them to get slaughtered so quickly. Nor did I expect my all my suits on the West side to get tied up in assault. Oops

@DireStrike: Flash is much more complex than what I used it for. I could make this batrep as an animated .GIF but then you wouldn't be able to control the timing of the turns. I find plain text batreps hard to follow so I much prefer illustrated ones, even MS Paint ones. On the upper side of the scale you have good ones with actual photos or flash animation.

The Hammerhead WAS hidden. Just wasn't hidden far enough... The Callidus can move any unit 6" in any direction but I didn't know the OWNING player could choose the facing. I knew it could move my units but I did not expect it to turn my Hammerhead around and expose my flank to that darned Exorcist across the board. Big learning mistake. Next time I will remember to turn it around!
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Default Re: [BatRep] Kauyon Kampfer vs Witch Hunters (Illustrated*)

It looked like you were doing well until the St. pwned your HQ. He lost alot of stuff at first.
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