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Combat Patrol: What causes you problems and what do you fear?
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Default Combat Patrol: What causes you problems and what do you fear?

I'm writing up a short essay on thrashing your opponent at combat patrol.

What kind of lists cause you trouble and why?

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Default Re: Combat Patrol: What causes you problems and what do you fear?

Speedy ones, especially marine biker lists, can cause some serious problems for tau. Often they can reach assault without taking ANY hits, (especially if they get first turn) because they run forward behind some terrain within 18" of your army... and you can't see them until they run right into you. Even if you do manage to shoot them, they often use their boost and gain a 3+ invulnerable... and toughness 5 base to boot. bikes backed up by some tacs with lascannons are scary.
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Default Re: Combat Patrol: What causes you problems and what do you fear?

Large Numbers of assault marines cause problems. In larger engagements there is a limit to the number of assault marines the enemy fields and with concentrated fire I can remove them in one turn. In combat patrol I just dont have the numbers to take them down so quickly and backed up by tacticals they are a pain.

Also static Tac squads with missil launchers and lascannons are just plain annoying.

Though I have to agree with Khaldun, assaulters I can deal with even with somem trouble, static tacs can be forced to move. But bikers are just plain nasty. Some of the scariest things you can see in combat patrol. Luckily I dont see bikes that often.

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Default Re: Combat Patrol: What causes you problems and what do you fear?

At low point games, and specially in CP, you don't have big guns (HH, and broadside is kind of out of place) or numbers, and some nids units can charge you in first turn, with a big unit...
An infiltrating genstealer unit, with fleet, is going to just destroy your patrol with ease.
Big nids are easy, they are slow. But as I said, there are units that can, with a good dice roll, charge you first turn and not with a couple of models, but with 12, lots of attacks... and don't get me started on rending.
oh the nightmares!

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