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Tau survival
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Default Tau survival

As rerported earlier in the forum, Tau could be easily wiped out from the universe. As a Tau player I would hate to see this happen. (fluff wise) So what could improve Tau survivability? My thoughts are that the Tau could mass produce hundreds and hudreds of drones increasing their numbers derastically. Your suggestions are welcome.

P.S. Was this already discussed ion something called Codexrones. If so could you send me a link.
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Default Re: Tau survival

The only way Tau can hope to survive is twofold:

1) Evade the attentions of any major forces for their entire existence.

2) Become a galactic super-power.

As 1) is unlikely, as the Tau continue to expand, 2) is their only option. Thus, I present my thesis on how the Tau can become a super-power.

The first step is to pray the Tyranids never hit in real numbers. If they do, then the Tau don't have a snowflake's chance in hell.

Kraken is still active, and Leviathan is smashing through the core. As such, the Imperium must dedicate significant forces to the destruction of this menace, forces which may otherwise be turned against the Empire. As such, the Tau must use this oppertunity to gain ground. However, as Kraken won't be round forever, and like as not will be completely wiped out within 500 years, if not sooner, speed is of the essence.

Allies are the next step. Vespid and Nicassar are the only true allies of the Tau Empire, and they are weak ones at that. Gue'vesa are not available in large numbers, and the Kroot are mercenaries, loyal only to the promise of payment. If things really looked bleak for the Empire, the Kroot would abandon them.

Their only real hope lies in the Eldar and Demiurg. The Demiurg will have to become true allies of the Empire, rather than mercenaries and trading partners as they are now. The Eldar have the power to save the Empire, but equally to wipe it out. Indeed, where it not for the Demiurg requesting Ataloic's aid, the Empire would already be gone.

Technology can only help the Tau so much. As their Empire expands, they will increasingly encounter the expansive regions of void that their Empire is currently without. This will make transporting troops and materials much more difficult, and so each planet will need to be able to stand alone, and become self-sufficient much quicker than they do at present. At present, once the Tau leave their home cluster, they will not be able to create new colonies faster than their enemies can wipe them out.

Fleet Strength will also play a key role. The only Tau fleets that can really compete against the Imperials are the Commerce Protection Fleets. Unfortunately, these fleets are very rare, limited to defending the First Phase colonies, or taking part in missions of extreme importance.
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Originally Posted by Tom Norman
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Default Re: Tau survival

another thing the tau might try to do is find a way to create a physcer class, the only way I can think of doing this is by cross breding w/eldar or nicasar. also the tau should try to find away to make the kroot join the empire as a full member. once they did that they could start setting aside planets for kroot, thus allowing them to mass breed. if the tau could do this then they would have a much larger body of shock troops that would make them a lot less vulnerable to casualty's. which in the long run they are sure to take. but most of all the tau need many many many many more ships, which probably means some type of forge worlds. and Finlay they must Begin worshiping the dice gods because it will take a lot of luck to pull any of this of.
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Default Re: Tau survival

genetically enhanced warriors, similar to space marines, would certainly help make every man count and even the score. Plus what Wargamer said.
War is cruelty. There is no use trying to reform it; the crueler it is, the sooner it will be over. - General William Sherman
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Default Re: Tau survival

Some other thoughts...

After the Kroot membership within the tau empire, have them feasting on Space Marine stock...it's sure to produce some interesting kroot mutations, to say the least. *Maybe a hardier stock with a better save.

Close combat Drones...I've said this before, I'll keep on saying it. *They're cheap to make, easily replaced and they will do the work Tau bon vivants just can't bring themselves to do. *Hundreds of Drones with nasty adamantine buzz saw blades lopping the heads off of enemy infantry will do much for ground war efficiency. *Phantasm anyone?

Variation on a theme...Smart Bombs that charge incoming enemy fleets. Think kamikaze drones loaded with ordnance.

If not Warp technology, then another means of galaxy spanning travel. *Folding Space, Wormhole tech, Jump gates...something! *They can't expand much if they can't travel far.

Make nice with the Eldar. *Both stand much to benefit from an alliance, and ideologically, they're not that far apart.

Sell more product! *Smile, dance...shuck and jive for the crowds! *GW would never allow the Tau to die off if they're making them money!

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Default Re: Tau survival

Manhacks, anyone? ;D

Basically, improving the tau military tech, discovering new methods or faster methods of travel, and making friends with your neighbors are all great ways to preserve the empire. However, the eldar are only your friend until it suits them otherwise.
War is cruelty. There is no use trying to reform it; the crueler it is, the sooner it will be over. - General William Sherman
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Default Re: Tau survival

Originally Posted by Wargamer
If they do, then the Tau don't have a snowflake's chance in hell.
the centre of hell is frozen over apperntly *>

there is only way to increase tau surviablty buy more models!!

if you mean warfare they need to get a proper fleet. may be some stealth ships just for the coolness
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Default Re: Tau survival

I suppose the best way would be simply to have faster travel. You dont really need a fleet guarding every minor planet if the same fleet can get to any one of them quickly. Speeding up trade couldnt hurt either and the methods of incorporating allied races is a very good idea. But faster travel would allow the Tau to expand more rapidly and build up their strength.

Also what Khaldun and Wargamer said though the geneticly enhanced warriors kinda cuts into the Space Marine area and GW is probably not going to do that.

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Default Re: Tau survival

You know what? I don't think that we have anything to worry about. Its the empire that should be worried. As the tau empire grows, more people in the imperium will hear about how well the gue'vesa live and think "wait a min, why don't I get a dental plan to?". Mass rebellion will soon follow.


As for the super-tau, its an interesting idea, but I don't think that they would do it.
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Default Re: Tau survival

... ok- i've just heard some of the craziest things-well, ever.
before i start - we're talking fluff...

if you make sweet, and unholy, love to a dog- you will not get a dog-man. just as if your a tau and you do the nasty with an eldar, no matter hot that anime hell might be, you will not instantly get psyker tau.

tau survival is the only race assured to survive in the galaxy, i mean- along with chaos of course. why is this? they're willing to negotiate, and most interesting their not above their own tech- they accept new ideas all the time into their tech tree's making an ever improving arsenal. Wargamer is partly right- the problem with the tau is numbers, but to all of you who think gene-altering or cloning is the answer, you obviosly don't understand tau culture. its not about just making bodies, its about balance and mutual expansion through the natural selection of the universe- all of those "change" quotes- they mean more then just a nifty thing to carve into the side of a devilfish. any kind of gene-manipulation there is is in their selective breeding program. why would they ever want to clone FW? it would devalue the entire society.
tau have come up with ways of countering their shortcomings- they don't have FTL comm- so each Sept has its own little government system, thats why they refer to Tau armies as Coalition armies. this system has so far worked, and they understand the problems of psyker comms and dependency that the rest of the galaxy is plauged with- even the Emperor understood this and was working for ways to avoid psyker dependency- so why would tau ever choose that kind relationship.
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