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New type of Tau army...only in my mind
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Default New type of Tau army...only in my mind

after much inspiration from my bros gaurd army...(witch is star wars themed and has a story line behind it)
I decided to create an entire guevesa army(much like normal gaurd, but droppin some things and gaining Tau influence)

so far the only special rule I have came up with is for 25 points per impirial vehicle, plus points of the weapon, an impirial vehicle would get tau weapons...I decided to call the rule "Adaptive"

any other suggestions on rules and or conversions?
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Default Re: New type of Tau army...only in my mind

You would not be able to play it in tournaments or anything official really. This however you can:


That is the page on unorthodox guard doctrines. No new special rules or army list, its just a guard army with fluffy doctrines picked to depict an army of Gue'vesa. Fully legal and of course a bit more balanced than you would manage making new special rules. A great opportunity for some nifty conversions. The Tau do not give gue'vesa guns on the scale that you would see Gue'vesa tanks with Railguns as much as some may wish it.

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Default Re: New type of Tau army...only in my mind

I personally really disagree with the doctrines they list there. If you want some alternate ideas search for Gue'vassa in the Imperial Guard forum. My Gue'vassa list is posted there on the front page right now if you want to see if it fits the fluff you want.
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