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Cross game archetypes
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Old 28 Nov 2005, 01:22   #1 (permalink)
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Default Cross game archetypes

Okay i have seen a lot of discussions recently about the race connections of 40k to WHFB. As I see it we have:
Space Marines/ Inquisition = Brettonia
Imperial Guard = Empire
Eldar = Elves
Dark Eldar = Dark Elves
Chaos Space Marines = Chaos
Squats/Demiurg = Dwarfs
Orks = Orcs/ Ogres
Hrud = Skaven
Necrons = Tomb Kings/Vamp Counts
Slann = Lizardmen
I may have missed a few but i notice that Tau do not seem to fit a crossing archetype. I don't even know of a fluff race that does not have an army *that would work. What do you guys think?
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Default Re: Cross game archetypes

Wood Elves - very shooty, poor in combat, limited resources, highly mobile.
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Default Re: Cross game archetypes

Originally Posted by Dra-Tuisich'Novae
Wood Elves - very shooty, poor in combat, limited resources, highly mobile.
and tau got Kroot now if that dont say wood
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Old 28 Nov 2005, 03:35   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Cross game archetypes

who the hell are the h'rud...who when how what? I seen the picture in the rule book of Slanni who looks like a dinosaur with a big head and a flamethrower. I just figured it was a slaanesh work of art. And they are said to be so few in number that is hard to say the compare to lizardmen. Whilst all in comparison to the Fantasy, and yes we have all heard the discussion Fantasy Realm is in the eye of terror but surounded by severe warp storms. The will never merge..never meet..by all means right some fluff and make sure your character or teams guns are all lost cuz they won't change fantasy. They have used incredible similatities. But i believe its just games workshop of using the fantasy armies as a base, because the armies all cover a wide variety of poeples interests... I mean
We presume Space Marines are for cheapskates who only pay $100 and have an army
we presume Ork Players are wreckless Large Beer Drinking Angry Men or women
We presume Eldar Players will be snooty people
etc etc there are some worth while comparisons hahahahaaa... No i honesty mean well don't take offence anybody.
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Default Re: Cross game archetypes

The similarities in how they play are more interesting to me than the fluff connections. Tau definitely play like Wood Elves, as both rely on getting firepower to the right place at the right time to overcome superior armor or numbers. I have found that Fantasy is a lot more flexible than 40k when it comes to designing an army. Almost every force in Fantasy can be built to fit into most styles or strategies. 40k is somewhat more limiting in that respect. Both games use strategic niches to strengthen the differences between the armies, though. It just so happens that the fluff has a tendency to coincide with what niche is being filled.
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Default Re: Cross game archetypes

Well then, note to self, if I ever try WHFB again, play Wood Elves. Last WHFB army I had was Vampire Counts. Bah, too slow.

Edit: That would also allow me to laugh every time an Elf dies. Heh, damn tree-hugging hippy.
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