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Ionhead vs. Barracuda
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Default Ionhead vs. Barracuda


I would like your opinion whether if i should include an ion head or baracuda in my 2000 piont mech army list. I have both models so there should be no bias if i have the model or not. Please give my your opinion and reasons!
Originally Posted by Wargamer
Aha, a brilliant point Impulse!
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Default Re: Ion head vs. Barracuda

Well, you get what you pay for. It isn't really a great comparison, as the Barracuda is so much more expensive than the Ionhead. The Barracuda is better armed and harder to hit, but flyers can be difficult to use effectively and they are pretty frail if subjected to a lot of low-strength shots. I presume that your other two choices are filled by Railheads, so whichever you choose will be more focused on anti-marine-equivalent duty.

The Barracuda seems a little pricey to me (Forge World vehicles often are), but it would definitely be a change of pace! If your opponent is also taking flyers and you are using interceptor rules, I would definitely take the Barracuda just for air cover.
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Default Re: Ionhead vs. Barracuda

1) with the barracuda you have to wait for it to turn up where as the ion head will be on the board (if you chose it not to be in reserves or dont play esclation) . that can be a bonus and a curse you may not get as many shots but at least it wont get blown untill it gets to work it magic.

2) the barracuda has ion, missle, seeker missles (optional) and 2 bursts. where as ion head has ion, seeker missles (optional) and ethier 2 burst cannons or SMS. now first the main wepaon is the same but due to the mobilty they can chose the AV side they shoot. missle pod is a nice extra on the barracuda with a target lock you can be doing a lot of damage. the burst cannons on the barracuda may not have the range of SMS but they have the whole enemy has to add 12" so enemy are going to be shooting back at range 30". due to the mobilty of the barriucda you most likey wont need the SMS ignores cover benfits. the last wepaon Seekers are better on the barracuda, because they can chose which armour they hit, aslo because the Seeker missles cant be destoryed untill the barracuda arrives. though the seeker missles only works with markerlights so it depends if you have a pathfinder team

3) the barracuda wins hands down to mobilty, you can chose where your going to be. the only other problem is that the enemy always shoot before the barracuda but if you have chosen you position well not a problem. also the barracuada all ways counts as moving over 6"

4) the barracuda cant claim objectives and only turn up after turn 1 you can be lossing out but depends on your army list. the barracuda due to the ejector seat means you can save half of the VP pionts.

thought i'd say go with the barracuda its more intresting. thought i say keep away form Twin linked wepaons they can realy ruin your day and defintly keep away form anti aircraft units
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