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What's your color scheme?
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Default What's your color scheme?

Hey everyone, just have a question, whats your color scheme????* If you have pics, their are welcome.* Show off your models.
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Default Re: Whats your color scheme?

*wishes hge had a decent camera!*

my regular tau fire warriors have snot gree carapace armour, scorched brown fatigues, graveyard earth hooves, straps and belts. and blood angels red eyes,and shiny lights. individual squads are marked out by the tau symbol on the rifle being painted a different colour. shas'uis have a bleached bone helmet.

my suits have snot green armour plates, and a 50/50 chaos black/codex grey mix for their legs and arms. codex grey for the engine exhausts. bleached bone helmet for my shas'el.

stealthsuits have a shadow grey/codex grey/ fortress grey "ghostly palette" scheme.

vehicles have a snot green/dark angels green camo effect with codex grey/ fortress grey gun barrells and a chaos black spine.

my etheiral wears a bleached bone robe with a scorched brown cape. i did convert him from a warlock, so he's not your usual etherial!
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Default Re: Whats your color scheme?

I have skull white for the cloth on my fire warriors and goblin green for the armour.
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Default Re: Whats your color scheme?

White clothes and Space wolves grey for armour. White weapons. Some Shadow grey for footwear.
Stealths are completley white with irregular stripes of Space wolves grey and some details of sky grey...

It is ment to be a fast painting, themed towards simple realism and winter warfare.
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Default Re: Whats your color scheme?

Purple and black.

Fw squads are different versions of the same to tell whos who. ui, have bleached bone heads
Tanks are one panel black one panel purple
Suits are like the tanks all with bleached bone heads
Stealths are painted in a grey/black/white urban camo, with purple icons and stuff
Pathfinders are alson in the grey black and white camo, but only one their cloth the armor is purple and black.

This initialy looked awful. *the dark warlock purple and the black blended together so much they looked like lumps *on the table, but in my head they were still grand I couldnt figure it out. then as I was wistfully wishing they looked better I sealed them in preperation for a tournament(I never went to ) I accidently used gloss varnish instead of dull coat as I had originaly planned and BAM It kicked em up a notch. *I am perhaps a 6 out of 10 as a painter but I must say they looked awsome now.
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Default Re: Whats your color scheme?

This colour scheme can only be described as me going psycho. For cloth I use a basecaost of Bestial brown, overbrush of Catachan green and a drybrush of goblin green. For armour I randomly make blotches/streak/lines of Scull white, then I wetbrush Dark Angels green and then add a wash of Chaos black. Guns are drybrush goblin green and details are silver and gold. This give my army a jungle fighter feel that I love.
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Default Re: Whats your color scheme?

Black fatigues, blue with a hint of silver for the armor and silver drybrush over the top for the Firewarriors. Crisis suits are blue, my commander is silver with blue lightning details. Hammerheads are silver with blue and blue silver along the top, devilfish are reversed. Squad leaders are marked out by bonding knives and either a silver helmet or lack of a helmet. Stealth suits are a grean camo. All done with testers paints that I really dont like but its what I got.

Hers a pic of the whole army:


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Default Re: Whats your color scheme?

The uglist way red and white could go together. If I was to show you one of my old tau models you would see just how garbage my painting skills used to be.
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Default Re: Whats your color scheme?

My fire warriors have Scab Red armor, Chaos Black clothing, Blood Red pulse rifle and Shining Gold on the Tau symbol on the shoulder pad and the circle on the Pulse Rifle. The gold symbolizes my army being an elite cadre.

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Default Re: Whats your color scheme?


Nah seriously, i vent for a blue and really light grey coulour scheme. Plates regal blue (ultramarine highlight) and clothes codex gray (fortress highlight). My friend even calls them the "Go Leafs Go" Tau ;D
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