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To twin link or not to twin link....
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Default To twin link or not to twin link....

All you Tau vets out there, I have a basic question. On your crisis battlesuits (30pt ones) do u twin link, and what weapons do u twin link? Thanx from a noob!
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Default Re: To twin link or not to twin link....

This thread should help you: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=8137.0

Basicly Twin linking increases your chances to hit when a specific task is in mind. Fusion blasters for taking on heavy tanks, plasma rifles heavy infantry, missil pods for medium and light armor etc, etc, etc. For more general purposes or on commanders its best not to twin link. It all depends on who your opponent is and what task needs to be done.

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Default Re: To twin link or not to twin link....

my shas'el due to his higher bs can take a mixed load. regular suits are just too unreliable for me with the common as dirt fireknife. i place my faith in twin linked missile pods, and that faith has borne fruit many, many times.
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Default Re: To twin link or not to twin link....

as most I feel the Commanders dont need it.

my 1st unit does NOT they carrie a nice mix of weapons. and I make liberal use of marker lights to increase their odds of hitting.

now my 2nd unit is a little unique, they were developed for tournament use in case I came up against horde ork or termagant armys(Im getting to the point) I call them my xv9s because I rigged up there weapons to be modular on the models(I can change em out) but I never have. they have TwinMissles, and a Flamer, and the few times I have used em they have ROCKED. for Rhino killing there is nothing like a twin linked missle pod(or 2) and everyone hates getting hit with flamers(yes even marines.)
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