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Ode to Stealth Teams
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Old 22 Nov 2005, 01:33   #1 (permalink)
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Default Ode to Stealth Teams

A discourse on the tau stealth team

This is my favorite unit in the game. A stealth team. This to me is the quintessential Tau. Not only do tau look best as snipers (a natural stealth color scheme), not only are they by nature snipers, but the whole essence of a tau “stealth” team is amazing. For one, consider the night fighting ability they get. This reduces heavy fire very well. For two, they have jump packs. Also incredible. They are infiltrators, they can get in close and dirty (of course not too close and always dirty). They come equipped with Burst cannons. These burst cannons ARE one of their arms. That’s an awesome design. And at 9 shots per round at least, it’s a very useful design as well.
Consider, then, the potential upgrades of such a squad.
One, tau armory (gun drones and target locks, black sun filters), two getting them bonded, three getting them markerlights.

A stealth team with all these abilities is nothing to gawk at. Neither is a basic stealth team.

A bit of fluff for these brave souls:

“Whence lo did the light of the heavens shine through the darkness

But nay it was the wrath of the gods
And our bodies were decimated
Their souls sent into oblivion
In bursts as it were

We did not see the enemy

Nor his track nor step

All the while we wandered
Through the bleak black valley of the shadow of death”

-General Antaera Vilasuvian,
High Inquisitor, Exploratory Unit Ahab

“The way of the Fire warrior is a path with manifold twist and turns. We are those who walk the path of the invisible flame. That most deadly flame, which one sees not but till he touches it. If he pass through it, he may live. If he stand and wail and in agony, he is destroyed. Thus is the only constant change. If we stay at still for ever long, we die. We are change. We are the unseen flame. M’yen shas. This is our code, this is our pact. What fuels the ethereals, I ask you? A fire we cannot see. And so we shall be as that fire to our armies, we are that fire for our men, our enemies feel our wrath as we feel the soul of the Aun crying out to us in combat. We are the invisible flame. M/yen shas. Go forth now, for the greater good.”

- Shas’ui M’yen Mal’caor Tau’n
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Old 22 Nov 2005, 01:47   #2 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Ode to Stealth Teams

I like stealth teams too. my friends always mock me for how close I get them before the game even starts, they tell me they wont' last but while they're out of sight then they pounce out of cover, kill and back in it is! >
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Default Re: Ode to Stealth Teams

First, wow, excellent poetry, second, how are people with guns that shoot 18" snipers?
I agree with you on the excellent unit bit though, (and I applaud your poetry once more.)
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Default Re: Ode to Stealth Teams

Im not a fan of stealth suits myself though that is good poetry.

I guess its the fact that they have no real place in my army. I disagree that stealth suits are the quintessential Tau. They are lone wolves in the army, unusual and strange in Tau society. I would rather say that the Firewarrior is. Armed and armored all the same. Nothing special to any other Tau really but they cannot be underestimated either.

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Old 22 Nov 2005, 02:33   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: Ode to Stealth Teams

I just say quintessential tau because that's how I keen with my tau, and I get the biggest connection to the stealth suits. I mean, for me, the stealth suits ARE my tau. And thanks, everyone, i'm glad you all liked the poetry.

Originally Posted by Auno Lissta
how are people with guns that shoot 18" snipers?
I'd say the color scheme, but also the fact that they can go from 18 inches of being in range to being 24 inches away and behind cover or out of line of sight. Also, snipers are lone rangers in a sense as are the stealth suits, so that's my argument.
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Default Re: Ode to Stealth Teams

Stealth suits are my favorite unit, as expressed in my entry in the "favorite weapon" thread.

As for the "poetry", blech :P

Try studying a bit before whipping out the "whence lo" bit .* The second bit was better, though.


DS is indeed correct in saying that you used whence correctly...but lo sticks out like a sore thumb.* Whence is "from what place" (not necessarily a question) and lo is "hey, everyone, check it out".* Whence fits here...lo doesn't (if the stealth fields are doing their jobs, nobody's going to be checking out what place they came from!), and it makes the whole verse seem...well, like bits and pieces strung together out of the King James Bible by someone who has no idea what they really mean, but they sound old, so they must be cool or something.
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Old 22 Nov 2005, 06:31   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: Ode to Stealth Teams

I have to agree I really like the look of the stealth suits. The design of the new ones seems a real faux pas on the part of GW, sure they're plastic, but damn if they don't hold a candle to the look the old stealths projected.

I really liked the recant delivered by the Shas'ui, very nice work with that. Well done.
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Old 22 Nov 2005, 10:28   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: Ode to Stealth Teams

meh. stealths are vunerable. set up right, to deny a useful infiltration, and use your movement phases right, and they're in line for a lot of hurt at the hands of a rapid fire volley/assault.

they're useful, but by no means are they the best. that honour is reserved for hammerheads.
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Default Re: Ode to Stealth Teams

Wow! Nice work! I especially like the poem where you wrote:
We did not see the enemy
Nor his track or step

Very powerful! Please, take a Karma Cookie from the jar!
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Default Re: Ode to Stealth Teams

Awesome! I love that you actually used "whence" correctly.

Actually though, I like the FW quote better than the poem. M'yen Shas! It brings me closer to defining my cadre.
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