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In the beginning.
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Default In the beginning.

when i first started to play as the tau was the same time my friend started to play as the space marines and as a noob i only saw that the tau had a small armoury and very few weapons. then i took a look inside the space marines codex that had the aw insiring weapons of the god emperor himself and my dreams of getting past my first battle alive(my friend was the only person that i knew* that played near me) were horribly dashed. now that i am what some might call a pseudo noob ( i still have not had the chance to have a real combat but have done a few skirmishes) i have seen the light one might say in the fact that i can run most of the numbers through my head and see that tau are actually effective in most scenarios ( plus the fact that my friend has got some horrid dice rolling ability, he couldn't shoot down my devifish that had not moved the entire battle) and i am glad that i chose to join the forces of the tau empire.
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Default Re: In the begining.

No offence intended but is there a point to this thread?

The Tau have a small armory yes but take a second look and you notice that the only weapon below str 5 is the kroot rifle and if you dont field kroot every gun in your army will be str 5 and up. This is a very nice thing to have and is greatly underestimated by some. Add to that that our basic infantry is cheap and very well armed and armored and things are really looking good. We dont need a mass of options we just have a few really good ones.

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Default Re: In the begining.

Yeah....I don't really see anything being -discussed- here. Hopefully Tau will have a little expansion on their armory in the new Codex.
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Default Re: In the end.

I came along and locked this thread to save myself the effort of having to sort out the inevitable bickering, plus there's not really any point of this thread. Kaskal has made his statement so this thread has fulfilled it's purpose.
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