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What is it with Tau and fish?
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Default What is it with Tau and fish?

Does anyone have any idea why all tau vehicles have names of fish ??? Theres the hammerhead, which sums up images of hammerhead sharks, the barrucuda, well i'm not sure what the fish looks like but there is one cald the barrucuda, the manta missle destroyer looks and has the name of a manta ray, and the devilfish, well the name says it all really doesn't it. There is zilch fluff explaining why this is. I think it might have something to do with the water caste but apart from that I can't figure it out.
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Default Re: what is it with tau and fish?

considering tau dont speak englihs i doubt this is what they call them. im guessing the fish names are just what GW designers thought of calling them because they where all nice an smooth. i mean why do all the imperials give their tanks names that relate to destruction, like exterminaotrs, demolisher etc. why do the orks have bad grammer? its just one of the mysteries of 40K fluff.

P.S. barracudas are like bigger thougher piranahs.
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Default Re: what is it with tau and fish?

Imperials give weird names, period. That's just it.
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Default Re: what is it with tau and fish?

Its what the humans called the ships after seing the tau army almost flow onto the battle field like the ocean
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Default Re: what is it with tau and fish?

The vehicle names as we know them were thought up by the Imperial Guard for easy identification. *I'm not positive on what the Tau call the tanks themselves, but it's for sure not "Hammerhead."

It's kinda like the Eldar Falcon. *The Eldar call it "Falchou" (or something similar) and the IG call it "Falcon."

P.S. A (Tau) Barracuda is a flyer used for close air-ground support and establishing air superiority.
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Default Re: what is it with tau and fish?

As everyone said, those are imperial codenames, because they flow (hover) onto the battlefield, like fish swim in the water...I am sure the Tau have names like m1 aun'shi (a mockery of the m1 abrahams)

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Default Re: what is it with tau and fish?

Well, anyone could see that, atleast in relation the the hammerhead, the way the front drone cradles extend is identical to that of the hammerhead shark itself! Its like why crisis suits were dubbed the name, simply a nickname by GW that stuck, they were the calvary who interveined during a crisis lending heavy fire support.

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Default Re: what is it with tau and fish?

Originally Posted by ToastMaster
* Devilfish carry troops.* They travel with packs of troops in them/around them.* Devilfish, the actual fish, travel in packs. Hammerheads ar fierce predators so they eat things.* Or in other words, destroy stuff.* The hammerhead shark, and the devilfish are relatives.* Thus explaining kind of why the vehicles look the same.* I dont know if thats it but its as good a reason as any.
Devilfish are Manta rays (Pretty sure if you look on the foriegn languange sections of the Devilfish box its translated as Manta anyway), not entirely sure what sort of fish you are thinking of though.

Probably just a codename thing, after Mantas and Hammerheads were named the soldiers started calling the other vehicles based of this theme.
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