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Anti - Space Marine lists
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Default Anti - Space Marine lists

Im new to playing tau, and around my gaming area everyone places some sort of space marine...everyone. its quite boring actually. Anyways, I was wondering what suggestions people could make as to an army list geared specifically towards taking out space marines. Thanks!
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Default Re: Anti - Space Marine lists

well, i won't chew you out to much because this is only your first (or maybe second) post, but there is an important topics thread that has loads of advice for fighting space marines. you can find it here: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=4815.0.

just to paraphrase, you want to concentrate your fire power on the more mobile units, especially assault squads (the ones with the jump-packs) and their transports. once you have destroyed their mobility, it should be easy to mop up the remainder of their force. Ion cannons and seeker missiles will kill off the ordinary (3+ save) marines very quickly, and a few helios (check the important topics) suits will massacre his terminators.

space marine vehicles will typically be brimming over with las cannons and heavy bolter but do not usually have great armor on the sides and back. Ion cannons will make an effective anti-tank weapon against them as you can run up the side of the board and put 3 S7 shots into that soft side armor. take out the tanks quickly before they can bring their guns to bear and they shouldn't be to much of a problem.

If your fighting daemon-hunters it shouldn't be to different. Remember that their basic trooper dies just as *ahem* "easily" as a normal marine but for twice the points. They do have an ability called "shrouding" which is similar to the cloaking systems on our stealth suits. "Shrouding" makes it harder to concentrate firepower on individual squads, but not to the point that it will make concentrated firepower impossible.

Because the basic grey knight cannot take a transport, they will usually deep-strike into play (they can do that) but concentrated firepower and seeker missiles will eliminate them quickly before they can charge you. The only real strength that grey knights have is their phenomenal abilities in CC. this shouldn't be a huge problem for you, as you won't exactly be charging towards them.

Daemon hunters also have the ability to field inquisitorial storm troopers. these are very easy to take out and are still relatively expensive, the only real threat being that they can take a transport.

just focus your shots and don't forget to bring your seekers.
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Default Re: Anti - Space Marine lists

yeah, sorry about the post. immediately after posting this topic, i found somebody who posted almost the same exact question. boy i feel redundant. but thanks anyways
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