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Explain the caste system.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Explain the caste system.

what is the difference between castes and why cant you breed between castes? is it to concentrate evolution? please explain this.
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Default Re: Explain the caste system, how are they split up and why no breading between them

read the codex for the different castes but they dont read inbetween because the fire warriors are the biggest and the air takes altitude better than the rest etc. breeding betwenn would cause a bunch of mutts if you will that have no specialty and thus are practicaly useless to the greater good.

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Default Re: Explain the caste system.

As mentioned, the distinction between the classes is well-described in the codex. The Ethereals forbid breeding between castes both to maintain the genetic seperations that make them suitable for their tasks, and to enforce the strict social divisions.
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