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No railgun
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Default No railgun

To the people who play as the tau, the railgun is a mighty weapon that when contested will most likely rip its enemies to little pieces, but in the mildly likely chance that all railguns are blown away from the battlefield then we should have some plan to still put a thorn in the sides of our enemies. so does anyone have any idea still being an effective army if main work horse of destruction is no more?
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: No railgun

2 word Plasma Rifle
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Default Re: No railgun

I would say missile pod. More shots, better range, higher strength, but worse AP... it's a good all-around weapon.
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Default Re: No railgun

Well I have several thoughts here.* Hmmm lets see if I can organize them.

First I never, never, never organize an army around one piece - no matter how powerful that piece.

Next, I suggest that the Tau army in particular is flexible enough to handle the loss of a railgun.* I keep most of my crisis suits configured for anti-armor roles.* Massed Kroot fire and massed FW in conjunction with the FART manuver ( I really love that name - we need to use it more often) can generally handle the slack forn most infantry formations.* While the railgun is a powerful force - and often the weapon most feared by our opponents - it is not the only weapon in our arsenal and preperation in advance through force selection can compensate nicely.
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Default Re: No railgun

i know what you mean by not organizing an army around a single weapon. I just haven't Had a chance to play my tau army yet so i haven't made any mistakes to learn from yet which is how i ultimately get better at strategy games. plus the railgun is so awesome that it's kind of hard not to design around it.
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Default Re: No railgun

you shouldn't use ralgun for everything, no matter how multipurpose it is. use the burstcannon to take out the wee ones, use the missile pod to take out the medium stuff. use the railgun to take out the heavy stuff like land raiders and obscenely powered up demon princes and stuff. and if there isn't a lot of heavy b.s., just buy an ion cannon and some more FWs cause it isn't even worth it. the railgun is used to reach out and kill someone, use your troops to do the rest.
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Default Re: No railgun

seekwr missile
plasma rifle
do rail rifles count or are they gone too?
ion cannon
FW head attachments

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Default Re: No railgun

We have seen new models carrying the Rail Rifle, so it is a safe bet that they will be included in the update.

Generally, the best way to minimize the loss of a Railgun is to take more than one. Failing that, I like to have at least one Fusion Blaster somewhere on the table.
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Default Re: No railgun

Ionheads, or tanks using the Forgeworld turrets, are generally considered less of a threat than Railheads. Remember this.
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Default Re: No railgun

Ah well Ive considered just such a problem as there are times when I have lost my Railguns. Now that I have 2 its not as big of a problem, still I gear my lists to be as versatile as possible. My responce to this problem is this:

Helios Shas'O:
-Fusion Blaster
-Plasma RIfle
-Shield Gennerator
-Hard Wired Multi Tracker

He comes out at 133 points, has not died yet and has taken down more expencive enemy units in both heavy infantry, tanks and characters/commanders than all other units in my army combined. An effective solution and a very verstile one with the ability to take up the slack for any other unit in my army, he does not have many shots but those he has are very effective, nothing is safe from a Shas'O in the Helios configuration. With it I can be sure that in the event of my Railheads going down I still have something that can handle any heavy armor my enemy throws at me. I would suggest this configuration if you want a good fall back. Alternatively a shas'el with TL Missil Pods and a Fusion Blaster is also very effective just not as reliable and he opperates more in the middle and rear of your army than the front as the Helios Shas'O would. The shas'el is more suited to a defencive play style where as the O is more agressive. You can use a Shas'O with a FB and MP though he is a little less versatile, he will be able to take out medium and light armor effectively though.

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