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Numbers vs maneuverability?
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Default Numbers vs maneuverability?

is using a devilfish with all of your firewarriors to make them more mobile worth the sacrifice of points that could be used to bring out bigger guns? just a question.
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Default Re: Numbers vs maneuverability?

Originally Posted by RJay
(Click here to Read) :: Mech Tau Tactica :: [size=7pt]"What is the Tau Mecha Bible? Where is it?"[/size]
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Default Re: Numbers vs maneuverability?

heh....yeah, with a name like "mech tau tactica", I wonder what the answer's going to be... :

I'd say "balance in all things".

four static squads will leave you with no mobility.

two mounted squads will leave you firepower.

a 2-1 mix, either way, gives you both.

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Default Re: Numbers vs maneuverability?

Having more firepower is not as nice as bring firepower to bear.
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Default Re: Numbers vs maneuverability?

Mixed units are best. It give flexibility and manuverability to use the surgical strike and the firepower to hammer the killing blows.
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Default Re: Numbers vs maneuverability?

it completely depends on the rest of your force
hybrid 2 static 2 mounted
mech all at least 75% mounted
static(not recomended)ost non mounted

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Default Re: Numbers vs maneuverability?

I personally prefere maneuverability over simple numbers. True you can pack in 10 more Firewarriors for a single upgraded Devilfish. However that extra 10 pulse rifles will be useless to you if they have nothing to shoot at. Mechanized units have a very good and reliable, not to mention rather cheap, transport to fall back to if the enemy gets too close or if you suddenly need to move your firebase elsewhere to bring your firepower to bear.

One of the main tennents, one of the main strenghts of the Tau army is to bring a significant amount of firepower to bear on a small section of the enemies army. While other armies are stuck slogging it across the ground tackling the enemy straight forward we can specificly target and eliminate the enemy army at will. This is what the vast mobility offered by the Devilfish lets us do.

I would personally advocate sticking every Firewarrior squad in a Devilfish, perhaps not for every battle but have the tanks to do it. Some battles will require small mobile elements to secure objectives while the rest of your army remains in a static place to defend it. Other battles will require nothing but defence where table quarters do not matter and here mobility may not matter though the Devilfish can also be used for VP denial. In general I would leave the foot slogging to the kroot which can make up a powerfull part of an army. If in doubt try it at a 1:1 ratio and see how you like it. You can always use the Devilfish for pathfinders latter if you dont like mobile units or get more Devilfish if you want to mount them.

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