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so why do you like tau?
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Old 16 Nov 2005, 22:13   #1 (permalink)
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Default so why do you like tau?

I am new to the 40k world and decided to play tau because of their knack for destroying things from a distance and not having to get into the messy act of close combat. so why did you choose to play as the tau?
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Default Re: so why do you like tau?

These posts are nearing spam...

I chose them for looks. I saw marines and such in a pamphlet, but I was like: Dude! Tau!

I was told they had 40" Assault 1 weapons on their basic troops too... but thats beside the point.
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Default Re: so why do you like tau?

Originally Posted by MechTau
These posts are nearing spam...
Hmmmm... ^-^

Personally, I chose Tau because they were different. The tau are agressive, but not violent; neither good nor evil; shooty, but mobile. These are just some of the reasons why I chose Tau...

Actually, it was the crisis suits that won me over!
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Default Re: so why do you like tau?

As far as I can remember I chose tau for their looks. I looked at them, and said, 'wow! those guys look pretty neat!' I think it was the plated armor and the battle suits.

I didn't know anything about them, it was the looks.
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Default Re: so why do you like tau?

I was looking for a sniper-ish army. I looked at Imperial Guard and saw their basic weapons were not long-ranged and were god awful, so I decided to hold off on them and maybe go back to them later. I looked at Tau, and saw 30'' basic guns with S: 5, and saw a Railgun, and jumped on the Tau bandwagon.

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Default Re: so why do you like tau?

It may sound stupid, but I choose because their name is the same in all languages... (well, except for the weird asian one).
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Default Re: so why do you like tau?

Because they are a blatant attempt to integrate anime culture into the wargamer world.
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Default Re: so why do you like tau?

Another one!!! Oh well its been a while...

Pure stupid chance. A guy I barely knew at school had some and wanted to get rid of them so I gave him $10 for basicly the army box, codex and a few stealth suits that were missing their packs. Badly built and primed they may have been but it was the cheap start that boosted me into the hobby and by pure fate they were Tau, looking at what I had bought I liked them, reading the codex I liked them even more and when I finally figured out how to play them... well need I say more.

Actually the Firewarriors were what got my attention first, I kinda looked over the battlesuits... so Im strange, sue me.

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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: so why do you like tau?

It is the fact that they aren't evil and their society isn't half bad. I like the culture the firewarriors have and the sleak and sexy nature of all of the technology which is tau.
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Default Re: so why do you like tau?

I liked pretty much all of the Tau models (that's Tau not Kroot), especially the Stealth Suits. Plus after some reading up I was kind of drawn in to the whole culture of them, they were just so much more interesting to me than all the other races (bar maybe the 'Nids and Dark Eldar). I'd always pictured them to be rather oriental which I liked, though Egyptian just doesn't cut it for me... :
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