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How many Carbines in a Warrior Squad
View Poll Results: How many Carbines do you put in a Warrior Squad?
None! 29 60.42%
Some.. 17 35.42%
I Max Out! 2 4.17%
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Default How many Carbines in a Warrior Squad

I'm about to assemble my third Warrior Squad and I was wondering if Carbines are worth their while?

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Default Re: How many Carbines in a Warrior Squad

I save Carbines for PF.
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Default Re: How many Carbines in a Warrior Squad

none. thats the simple answer.
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Default Re: How many Carbines in a Warrior Squad

I personally like having 1 carbine in my group of firewarrior so theres always a slight chance of the enemy having to take a pinning test once they get close to your squad.
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Default Re: How many Carbines in a Warrior Squad

Originally Posted by Khelben
I'm about to assemble my third Warrior Squad and I was wondering if Carbines are worth their while?

I would say that it totally depends on who you're fighting. If you're routinely blasting fire warrior troops at Necron Warriors, I would say that it's the hottest idea ever to take pulse carbines. Shooting at marines for that matter is another time that pulse carbines just don't really cut it (yet). However, if you're normally facing down units like Eldar or Imperial Guard for example, it may be useful to have a few Pulse Carbines.

Overall; I would never advise you to take a full load (ie: 6) pulse carbines, but I would suggest that it's totally find to take a few every now and then. In a squad of any size, 2 pulse carbines is a pretty reasonable trade if you're facing many different types of opponents. You only lose 2 shots from your total (rapid fire) while gaining the ability to possibly throw a pinning wound on someone. It's not a bad trade.

However; a more simple approach to things, is to simply put pulse rifles in all of your Fire Warriors, and simply take a squad of any size under 12 (if they're mounted in a Devilfish) and if you buy a Shas'ui, buy the hard-wired drone controller and buy two Gun Drones. This will give you more accurate pulse carbines and then you don't have to model your Fire Warriors with carbines if you do not wish to. If you have Fire Warriors on foot, you can do this with any squad size of course.

For example:

Mounted in a Devilfish:

Fire Warriors x 10 (10 pulse rifles)
--Hard-wired Drone Controller
--Gun Drones x 2
Devilfish APC

In that example, you have 2 pulse carbines in the squad just as normal and they're still a good size to fit into the Devilfish. It's kind of a win-win situation, and you don't have to model your Fire Warriors with pulse carbines if you think you may not always use them in the future.

Fire Warriors x 6 (6 pulse rifles)
--Hard-wired Drone Controller
--Gun Drones x 2
Devilfish APC

Again; the same thing; only taking an 8 model strong squad. This is not bad, economically, because a single box of Fire Warriors could be split into two groups, while still giving you 8 man teams (not minimum teams of 6) due to the mass amounts of gun drones that you will accumulate over time after buying Tau models. Personally this is a great way to give pulse carbines a try without possibly hurting your future plans with your models.

On foot:

Fire Warriors x 6 (6 pulse rifles)
--Hard-wired Drone Controller
--Gun Drones x 2

Just like above, you can split up Fire Warriors with Gun Drones to get good sized squads with pulse carbines, whilst not modeling Fire Warriors with carbines in order to guard your future rapid fire potential should you change your mind. These squads are great and cheap and you can take several. Plus they can be of any size, from small to large.

Fire Warriors x 10 ~ 12 (10 ~ 12 pulse rifles)
--Hard-wired Drone Controller
--Gun Drones x 2

Again; just as above, but minus the transport, you can add in pulse carbines without modeling them on the Fire Warriors, and you can even get your squad sizes up higher if you find that large mobs work better for you.

Purpose & Pinning:

Overall though, as you know, the only reason we have the pulse carbine is for the pinning ability. That's it's selling point. Otherwise, the pulse rifle is superior. Know that massed pulse carbines will not cause a pinning test that is unsuccessful. Each pulse carbine does not cause the pinning check; they fire together and if they cause casualties, a single pinning check will be made. However, multiple sources (ie: multiple squads) with pulse carbines can indeed increase their chances of pinning without massing out pulse carbines. All you need is multiple sources. For this, several smaller squads of units, with only 2 or so pulse carbines per squad will be more effective at achieving several pinning checks on one unit (possibly). If you're interested in trying it out; that's the route I would suggest to you.

Gun Drones:

Overall; I would suggest heavily that you use Gun Drones for your pulse carbine adventures and keep Pulse Rifles on your Fire Warriors. You get all the same effects and don't have to possibly keep yourself from other options in the future should you change your mind.

And a few other resources, found via using the Search function:


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Default Re: How many Carbines in a Warrior Squad

In static squads or even mechanized squads that will be forming a firebase I take none. In a very mobile 10 assault squad I take 2... though even if it was 12 I would still only take 2. There is a slight chance of pinning and the firepower of my squad is not significantly reduced. Carbines can be usefull but I usually leave that to the drones... in my mobile list I have more than enough of them floating around.

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Default Re: How many Carbines in a Warrior Squad

Wait till the new codex comes out...then take two maxed static firewarrior squads with drones, and a maxed out squad of pathfinders...suddenly you have 24 pulse rifles and 4 twinlinked carbines...all hitting on 2+! four twinlinked BS5 carbines will almost certainly cause a pin check, and you don't sacrifice any pulse rifles in the process. Of course, after being hit with 24 S5 shots, even marines will take 16 armor saves...so who cares about pinning at that point? You just toasted 5 marines...
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Default Re: How many Carbines in a Warrior Squad

I have 3 per squad assembled with carbines... but I have never used them as carbines.

When the new codex comes out, and markerlights can impose negative modifers on pinning tests, and I can take a full squad of carbines, then I will do that.
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Default Re: How many Carbines in a Warrior Squad

I max out on pulse rifles for my firewarriors.
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Default Re: How many Carbines in a Warrior Squad

If you really want pinning, I'd either alternate markerlighting and firing with pathfinders, or get gun drones. Pulse rifles are usually too effective to switch out for carbines in any but the most specific situations.

At the moment, I'd say pinning with Tau isn't practical. I have a feeling that if markerlights gain the ability to increase the chance to pin as we've heard, Pathfinder teams will be prime units to fix an enemy unit while mechanized firewarriors or Crisis suits move to flank and deny cover saves.
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