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Kroot Warrior
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Default Forge World Tau

Hi I am interested in buying some Forge World Tau stuff like a Barracuda and maybe a Pihrana but i really need to look at the rules for them first so i dont make a big mistake so if anybody has the Imperial Armor Chapter 3 can you tell the rules and stats on the Barracuda and Pihrana and Tetras because im pretty tight on money and i dont want to waste it on that book to see rules for just for 3 models (thats all i would use it for) and also i want to see if they would be good for my army.

Thank You
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Default Re: Forge World Tau

Posting copyright info on Tau Online is not allowed, its in the forum rules and it is illegal. Sorry I can't be of more help.
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Default Re: Forge World Tau

Exactly as Skyblazer stated - no matter how many requests we get, it doesn't change the fact that posting copywritten info is blatantly illigal, as well as against forum rules.

And just so you know... the Baracuda isn't even in IA3, unless they changed the rules... it's stats are found in Imperial Armour Update.
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Default Re: Forge World Tau

As Skyblazer and Dra-Tuisich'Novae said..

The rules are the rules:

Originally Posted by Tau Online
Posting of Copyrighted Information
Games Workshop spends huge amounts of money to produce rules and fluff for our enjoyment. As such Games Workshop doesn't want their copyrighted material posted on these forums and so posting of copyrighted rules, stat lines, fluff etc is prohibited. To see Games Workshop's official line on this, please read their Intellectual Property policy.
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