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Taros Campaign review/analysis [not the rules]. Revisited.
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Default Taros Campaign review/analysis [not the rules]. Revisited.

NOTE: I've had to redo this because the last was lost in an arguement about Marines. Plus, I cant split the topic due to it being the first post in the topic that I needed.

I will lock this untill completion so that It doesn't get cluttered up. I will provide a link to the original discussion though in case you want to comment on it etc.


Ok, this is a run down of the events of the Taros Campaign [fluff perspective]. I will try to extrapolate casualty figures and force numbers etc from the info in the book [it isn't all that hard to do]. I'll also be commenting on various parts of the campaign etc.

To the best of my knowledge. This isn't infringing any copyright laws or anything, as I am giving my view on things and a rough account of what went on to back this up. If anybody knows any better please inform me and i'll fix anything that could cause problems.
__________________________________________________ _________________________

[size=16pt]Taros Campaign[/size]

[size=12pt]Taros - Origins[/size]

The planet of Taros is pretty much a desert world out on the Eastern Fringe. It was colonised during the Dark Age [of technology] and the atmosphere etc was made breathable so that the vast amount of high grade ores and other materials could be mined.

As with many planets colonised during this time, the people regressed during the age of strife and when it was found during the Great Crusade the people were at a stone age level with only 1 Million inhabitants left. The world was brought up to Imperial levels and re-colonised.

[size=12pt]Imperial Taros[/size]

Under Imperial rule Taros has been fulfilling its tithes for generations with little or no interference. It has a population of 12 Million and there is one main city, Tarokeen. Most of the inhabitants are miners and labourers.

Taros has quite a high level of technology in it's mining industry and much of the process is automated. There are also around 10,000 Ogryns on the planet who were brought in, in M38 to help with the mining.

It has only ever raised 8 regiments, only one remains in action. The others having been disbanded or destroyed.

[size=12pt]Beginnings [/size]

With the 13th Black Crusade pushing the Imperials resources to it's limits, Forge Worlds had to increase production. Due to this more raw materials would need to be found. So, the Imperium set about trying to find where these reserves could be found.

It was due to this that Taros first come to their attention as it had a massive untapped mineral wealth.

Auditor-Prime Neymus Dree and a team of scribes set off with the ancient audit report to tell the Governor of Taros of his new production targets and to help organise how this could best be met.


It goes well at first put the Auditor started to wonder about many abandoned mining sites and other evidence that the planets reserves were being eaten into more than the M38 audit would suggest yet the material was nowhere to be found from this over-mining.

He got no answers from Mine owners or the governor.

At around the same time, Navy Patrols were on pirate hunting duty on the Eastern fringe and sighted three ships, they followed thinking they were the pirates but found they were delivering to a Tau deep space station. They attacked the station and destroyed it and crippled one of the ships they had been following when they come under attack from Tau ships, they fought them off but had to let the original ships escape. They boarded the ship that they crippled and found it to be a cargo ship, the last destination in the logs.....Taros.


When these events where finally linked a Strike Cruiser containing the second company of the Avenging Sons Space Marine chapter was tasked with the elimination of the Governor.

As always with Marines they launched a near perfect attack hitting the main palace with a drop pod assault. Setting up tactical squads for road blocks to stop escape etc. They easily destroyed the PDF defending the planet but from everybody they killed, the Governor could not be found. It was at this time that Tau forces deployed from and with the support of a Manta attacked the Marines.

The Marines repelled initial attacks and dug in. They caused many casualties amongst the Tau in brutal close combat fighting in streets and buildings. Marines were taking a punishment from Tau air support and there was nothing they could do about it. Due to this it also stopped them landing any kind of vehicles besides the two Dreads that originally landed with them. Thunderhawks finally pushed the Tau back with bombing runs.

The Marines defended the gate of the palace but casualties were mounting and they were running out of ammo. They then evacuated using the Thunderhawks, the Tau didn't even know they had left as the evacuation was completed in 10 minutes.

Combat result estimations:

Tau -

Approx 60-120 Fire Warriors : Unconfirmed
4 XV8 : Confirmed
Approx 6 : Unconfirmed
1 VX88 : Confirmed
1-2 XV88 : Unconfirmed
1 Hammerhead : Confirmed
3-4 Devilfish/Hammerhead : Unconfirmed

The confirmed results are those definitely mentioned. Those that are unconfirmed are what you would imagine died from accounts of the combat.

Marines -

3 Terminators : Confirmed
35-45 Marines : Confirmed
1 Dreadnought : Confirmed

Now although the Marines didn't complete their mission, they did do a pretty good job against unexpected Tau forces. The Tau casualties are probably a little higher than my estimations, but I can't be sure. All in all I think it was a fair trade off. The Marines lack of heavy vehicles and air support was their major undoing, but they had no clue that it would be needed.

Also I'd like to give an honourable mention to my boys here, the Arbites!. They were pre-warned by the Marines that an attack was to be launched and to expect an attack from PDF and the local population. They were told of this because, as always, the Arbites remained loyal and were the last force of the Imperials alive on the planet. They sent many teams out to arrest mine owners and ended up in running battle with the mine worker gangs. The Arbites eventually moved back to their fortress precinct and prepared to try to defend it as best they could against the Tau until help arrived. Obviously help didn't come for nearly a year. But no doubt they died bravely, shotgun in hand, menacing black carapace punctured by multi pulse rounds. *Raises a 'rock on' [\m/] to the Arbites*

[size=12pt]Gathering [/size]

After news of this the Imperials had to respond. Despite the events around the Eye of Terror, Taros would not be ignored. It was declared Ex Imperius Rebellis and the document called the 'Tarnonian Declaration' was a licence for a new larger attack against the rebel world.

The man chosen to lead the command staff for this operation was Lord High Commander Otto Ivan Gustavus. The first person chosen to accompany him was not Gustavus' choice, Commissar General Mordred Van Horcic. The overall commander of the Guard regiments was to be Lord Marshal De Stael.

It took 6 months to gather all the information needed about Taros. The only information he wasn't easily able to gather was about Tau forces present on the planet. This forced them to make estimated guesses based off historical presidents etc.

The army that was to be gathered would be called the 4621st Imperial Guard Army. The initial request put in by De Stael was for 21 regiments put this was turned down as over cautious. A force that big could not be found in the 6 month time scale devised for the invasion to begin (such a short time so the Tau would not become aware of the campaign too early). There was pressure to speed things up, so put in a 12 regiment request, this was also refused and 10 regiments was stated as the maximum that would be allowed. Gustavus only agreed to this 10 regiment force as High Magos Volta (representative from Stygies VIII, Stygies VIII being the prime reason why this all started in the first place as it needed more resources)* made an oath that at least one Titan Legion would be committed to the force.

Once the size of the force was determined Gustavus and De Stael set about deciding which regiments they wanted. Tallarn regiments were chosen to be the main core of the force as they are experienced desert fighters and have important skills such as water discipline, desert survival etc. All of which would be useful for the very hot, desert planet of Taros. Most of the Tallarn regiments were already committed to other war zones and it wasn't possible to find 10 from only Tallarn.

A single new regiment was tithed to be raised, this would be the 331st Tallarn regiment and would be shipped to Taros to see its first action. Three others could be withdrawn from current commitments. All had been recently engaged though so needed some replacement men and equipment. The fifth regiment from Tallarn, the Tallarn 3rd Armoured was on garrison duty on Balle Prime. If a replacement garrison could be found then these would also be used. so half of the regiments for Taros would be from Tallarn, these would make up 'X Corp'.

X1 Corp would be made up of other regiments that could be sent for the campaign. The first was the 23rd Elysian Drop Troops. It was decided their mobility would be very useful to the campaign. The second was at request by De Stael himself. The Sarennian Assault Engineers as they were some of the most useful troops in the Segmentum. Equipped for close combat and assault fortified positions, clearing minefields and breaching defence lines. As they are few in number they would be divided into platoons and companies and would be attached to other regiments in the army. Their main role would be the street fighting in Tarokeen.

The last regiments scheduled to join were the 114 Cadian Mechanized Shock Troop regiment, led by the famous Colonel 'Snake' Stranski, the 8th Brimlock Dragoons. The final regiment was hard to come by, the 12th Manninen Rangers turned out on arrival to be no larger than a reinforced company, they were disbanded and spread between the Tallarn regiments. The 4nd Mordians embarked but was diverted to face Hive Fleet Kraken fleets. In the end the 19th Krieg Armoured regiment was requested but they would not be available for the initial invasion. 2 companies of Storm Troopers were also assigned and split up between the regiments. Only X Corp* would be there at the start of the campaign and the rest would be 'fed in' as the engagement progressed.

Two companies and a Battle Barge from the Raptors Chapter was also sent. Despite the Titan legion promised the oath proved difficult to fulfil. In the end a small battle group of Legio Ignatum consisting of just 4 Warhounds was sent, but at least the oath was done, even if it was far less than expected.

Force Numbers

17th Tallarn
89th Tallarn
331st Tallarn
3rd Tallarn Armoured
12th Tallarn Armoured

23rd Elysian
11th Sarennian
114th Cadian
19th Krieg Armoured
8th Brimlock

Now, of these the last two never saw action on Taros. With this in mind the Imperium force consisted of about 48,250 ground troops, possibly going up to about 50,000 due to the Sarennian.


50,000 Men
400 Leman Russ [including variants]
750 Chimeras
350 Artillery Tanks
700 Sentinels
110 Hyrdas
200 Salamanders
220 Valkyries/Vultures [approx 30 vultures]
78 Fighters [most are Thunderbolts]
24 Maraurder bombers
18 Baneblades
4 Shadow Swords

Navel Force

1 Overlord Class
1 Tyrant Class
1 Dictator Class
1 Lunar Class
2 Dauntless Class
2 Sword Class Squadrons
1 Cobra Class Squadron
1 Firestorm Class Squadron
14 Transports
1 Battle Barge
1 Gladius Class


It had been a year in the planning and gathering forces. Very few of the regiments etc involved were informed of their location until just before they set out, this was to ensure security regarding the campaign as traitors could sell the information to the Tau for a huge price.

The invasion would need to quickly capture a spaceport to maintain the flow of supplies needed by the forces on the ground once the battle started. It would need to be undertaken by at least three regiments simultaneously, this would give a firm bridgehead and would be able to resist enemy counter attacks. Without this the invasion could be lost in days. Water supply was also a big issue, without a secure supply on this desert world the regiments would not be able to operate effectively.

As there was only one space port, in Tarokeen. A direct assault was considered, but was discarded as too risky as orbital defences and waiting ground forces would invite disaster. They decided to land far enough away from Tarokeen to avoid these problems but close enough to keep the supply lines quite short. Water was a serious concern so regiments were ordered to take hydro-processing plants when encountered and to hand them over to High Command.

X Corp was to arrive in system first with XI Corp following closely behind along with other elements such as the Warhound Titans coming later. It took 3 weeks to reach the Taros System, the fleet was on alert, expecting an enemy attack but none came. The Tau fleet was nowhere to be found.

In order to get the landing under way, Missile Silo Decima would need to be dealt with. It was part of a network designed to fend off hostile aliens and could engage vulnerable transports , It had to be destroyed before the Guard landings could begin.

It was subjected to 250 rounds from the Battle Barges bombardment cannons but this didn't ensure destruction as the silo was designed to withstand the heaviest bombardments. So the task fell to the Raptors Marines to destroy it. Intelligence told that the defence staff in the underground silos and command bunker consisted of a 100 strong PDF crew. External defences included thing such as a Hydra emplacement, razor wire and a minefield. Before any Marine were sent, Scouts were put on the surface to gather more information for final adjustments to the plan. The Hydra was a big threat to any Thunderhawk that would be used so this was a priority target, it would need to be eliminated. A single Assault Squad was assigned this duty and would be the first wave, deployed from a Thunderhawk outside of Hydra range, at high altitude. The second wave was to be launched 6 minutes after the Assault Squads jumped from their Thunderhawk, this second wave would be 2 Thunderhawks each carrying two Tactical squads and a Devastator squad, these would land in the perimeter and attack the silos. A third Thunderhawk was to be landed 3 minutes after this carrying the Captain and a reserve force of two Tactical squads as well as a command squad. These would act as a reserve force and support when needed or to set up a perimeter.

The main force would advance with the 4 Tactical squads under the covering fire of the Devastators. When close enough they would set demolition charges on the silo roofs to collapse them, thus stopping any missile launch. Once this was done they would eliminate the resistance. It was estimated that the operation would take 30 minutes.


As the Assault Marines hit the ground they came under fire from the Hydra as it was unable to hit them in the sky. The orbital shelling had done little damage but had left craters that the Marines could use as cover. Two were wounded as soon as they landed and a few more were hit by the Autocannon shells and knocked from their feet as they charged the emplacement. The Hydra was destroyed with Melta-bombs, killing the crew. In all, 3 Marines had been seriously wounded but no fatalities.

Now the Hydra was dealt with, the Thunderhawks could land. With this sound of the Thunderhawk jets overhead, the security platoon emerged from their shelter, Initially they only had to contend with the Bolt Pistols of the Assault Squad* but they soon come under fire from the Thunderhawks Heavy Bolter. As the Marines dismounted and unloaded Bolt shells, the PDF security squads had seen enough and broke. The Devastators lay down fire into these fleeing squads.

Underground, in the silo bunker, the controllers were trying to arm the missiles for launch.

Now the tactical squads who had dealt with the security platoon had to deal with turret emplacements. The Devastators engaged them and a heavy exchange of fire. The reserve tactical squads meanwhile had reached the silo. They destroyed the silo roofs with demolition charges, making any launch now impossible.

The 6th company could now be landed. The Marines quickly secured the area and prepared it for the Guard landings by setting up a security shield around the landing zone.


Marine -

1 Dead
5 Seriously wounded
12 Lightly wounded


Approx 120+ Dead

Imperial Guard Landing

Brunettes and Beer.
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