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Subsumed Planets
Closed Thread
Old 11 Nov 2005, 04:48   #1 (permalink)
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Default Subsumed Planets

I do believe that the worlds that have currently fallen to the Tau race are:

Dolumar (although now abandoned)

Out of interest, does anyone know anymore?

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Default Re: the kill list

What about all the world currently ocupied? Minus T'au for obvious reasons, the rest of the planets in the Empire have falled to the Tau, willingly or not.
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Default Re: the kill list

It doesn't matter what planets they take over, as long as the planet's not on the edge of tau space other races won't try and take it over, the planets are too close together and the attackers won't stand a chance.
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Default Re: the kill list

As far as we know, there were no other sentient species on any of the 1st and 2nd Sphere worlds, with the possible exception of orks. While they subsumed Pech into the Empire, they do not seem to maintain a significant presense there. We don't yet know where the Vespid's planet is, but presumably this is also a recent acquisition. The Nicassar are primarily nomadic, and we currently know little of where they were first encounted or originally come from.
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Default Re: the kill list

Is this official planets, or your personal army background planets?
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Default Re: Subsumed Planets

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Default Re: Subsumed Planets

the reason i ask is because there are a number of incidents that have been happening all over the border- im just trying to figuere out which worlds have fallen or are currently contested.
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