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Tau would fight...
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Default Tau would fight...

This topic is designed to give a list of numerous reasons why the Tau would take part in a battle. Hopefully, it will inspire you to give greater thought your your army and games, making it more enjoyable all round.

I will be adding to this over time. Please feel free to provide your own suggestions.


The planet of Fertyn's Glory has incurred the wrath of the Tau. The Imperial Guard must make a desperate last stand, buying time for the Governor and his entourage to escape.

Inquisitor Lord Draconis of the Ordo Xenos has studied the Tau for many decades. Now he wishes to return to the Imperium, but the Tau are not quite so keen...

Space Marines:

The Governor of Fertyn's Glory is trapped in the palace. The Space Marines must launch a blitzkrieg assault to rescue him and his family.

A sleeper-ship has successfully infiltrated a Commerce Protection fleet, and launched assault craft. By the time the Tau realise they are in danger, Space Marines are storming their ships, and the Tau are fighting for their lives...

A Kill Team has been sent to capture an Ethereal, and strike when the Tau least expect it.

The Tau have settled on a newly captured world, using an Isotropic Fuel Rod taken from the Imperials as a power source. If a strike team could place charges on the rod, the resulting explosion would wipe the Tau colony off the face of the planet...

The Tau attempt to conquer a mining colony has failed. Now they seek to reach the starport and evacuate, but Space Marines block the way...


A Chaos sorceror, fleeing after a terrible battle with the Ordo Malleus, seeks shelter in the Tau Empire. The Grey Knights will not let him escape, and the Tau find themselves in the middle of a war.

An Altar-World dedicated to Khorne has been found, and Tau have begun battling Orks there. The Daemonhunters cannot allow the war to continue, lest it awaken the evil within the world, and descend upon the Tau.

A recently-integrated Gue'La settlement is discovered to be tainted by Chaos. The Ordo Malleus attack, and the Tau find themselves torn between defending their new allies, or siding with the Imperials.


A Sororitas Mission is guarding a shrine on a remote planet, which the Tau have chosen to colonise.

The Adeptus Arbites have sent a distress signal when their world came under invasion from the Tau. A Chapel-Ship receives the call, and changes course to intercept.

The Liber Chronomicon, an artifact as ancient as the Imperium, has been found on a Tau world. The Ordo Hereticus want it for themselves.


A Warband dedicated to Slaneesh has perverted a frontier settlement, and the Tau are fighting a lost cause against a seemingly endless tide of cultists and Daemons...

A warband led by The Huntsman, a Champion of Chaos, has come in search of the Liber Chronomicon, an ancient artifact of mankind.

A terrible plague has devastated a Tau colony. The Ordo Malleus has no forces available, and so lures the Tau into fighting on their behalf...

A Chaos Sorceror has lured the Tau and Orks onto an Altar-world, so that their battle can awaken the bound Daemon Prince imprisoned there. Unfortunately, the Tau catch discover his plans, and seek to stop him.


The Orks have been lured onto an Altar-World of Chaos. Not knowing what lurks there, they happily slaughter the first enemy they find... which happens to the the Tau.

A Space Hulk, drifting aimlessly through space, emerges in Tau space, and the Orks on board are itching for a fight!

A Masta' Mek has seen the Manta Missile Destroyer in action, and decides to try and steal one whilst it's refuelling on a landing field.


A Tau archaeological expedition has discovered a Wraithgate. The Eldar cannot risk the Tau gaining access to the Webway, and so attack.

Ko'shanniah is the guardian of the Scorpion Worlds, a region of space near to the Tau Empire. When the Tau set foot upon these guarded worlds, the Craftworld mobilises for war.

The Tau have stumbled onto an Exodite colony, who do not tolerate outsiders.

Tau merchants obtain strange, glowing gems called "Waystones" from a Rogue Trader. The Eldar have sworn to kill any they find who have desecrated their fallen, and track down the Tau...

The Pathfinder expedition has located a Starship Graveyard, an area of considerable value due to the numerous alien technologies therein. Unfortunately, the Eldritch Raiders known as the Leviathan Corsairs already have a base here, and they are fiercely territorial.

The Tau have discovered a Necron Tombworld. The Biel Tan learn of this, and decide to slaughter the Tau, rather than risk the awakening of the sleeping race.

An ancient artifact of pre-fall times has been found on a Tau world, and Iyanden sends a host to retrieve it.

Saim Hann discover that one of their lost Vypers has been recovered by the Tau, who are seeking to reverse-enginner the craft. This has to be stopped.

Dark Eldar:

The Kabal of the Shredded Bone hires themselves out as Mercenaries to the Empire in exchange for ores and raw materials. Their target; a Shas'El and his men who know too much...

The Kabal of the Black Heart learn the Tau are attempting to penetrate a Necron Tomb. Knowing what evil this would awake, the Archon demands the Tau be stopped.

Having completed their chosen mission, the Kabal of the Shredded Bone decide they have all the raw materials they need... now they want slaves.

An ancient artifact of Pre-fall times has been found on a Tau world. The Dark Kin get there first.


Tel'Oshi has taken the brunt of the Kraken invasions against the Empire, and numerous battles have waged there, both on the planet itself, and the surrounding worlds.

The Tau locate a drifting Space Hulk, and discover it is on a crash course with a major Tau colony. The fleet forces are insufficient to destroy it, so the Shas must blow it up from within. Unfortunately, it is already occupied by Genestealers...


The Tau have discovered a Necron Tombworld, and their blundering has awoken what lies within...

The Necrons are known for striking without clear purpose or warning. A raiding party has appeared out of nowhere, intent on dragging the colonists off to an unspeakable fate. The Firewarriors mobilise to save their people.


Commander Farsight has been declared rogue, and the Aun demand he answers for his crimes. However, the Enclaves won't surrender without a fight...

A Vampyre has disguised himself as an Aun, and attracted a warband of loyal mind-slaves. The Tau learn of this, and have no choice but to fight those they once called ally.

A Shas'El and his lieutenants have stumbled across a lost data-file, containing many dark secrets of the Aun. A team is dispatched under cover of darkness to retreive the information, and kill those who know too much.

A Genestealer Cult has gained considerable influence on an isolated colony. Tel'Oshi send troops to cleanse them.
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Originally Posted by Tom Norman
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Default Re: Tau would fight...

Yes, there are always good fluffy explenations for any army fighting any other really, you just have to be inventive. Another few for Imperials would be:

Space Marines, Imperial Guard:

A colonization fleet is incringing on Tau space and must be stopped.

An Imperial colonization fleet has besieged an issolated Tau colony, a rescue mission must be launched.

The Imperials have captured an etherial who must be rescued at all costes.


Chaos forces have been spotted on a nearby Tau planet, their motives are not known but they cant be good. The Grey knights must stop them.

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Default Re: Tau would fight...

Well, most of these are "why x would fight Tau" and not "why Tau would fight x". Plenty of them are also tinged with your... interesting... opinion of the Tau. There are few of yours I would use for myself as a Tau player, but some I might use playing with a newer opponent to excite him.

Nonetheless, I am now challenged to see if I can do better. I'll return to this thread later and write some.
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Default Re: Tau would fight...

I figure the Tau would fight anyone who was occpying a world they were interested in, and if the Por had failed. But I do like the list of "Tau would fight x", it reminds me of the DaemonHunters Codex. ^_^
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Default Re: Tau would fight...

How about the IMPERIAL GUARD: The imperial guard have a training planet just about to be taken into the tau empire, the water caste fail to acquire the planet without force, so further action must be taken.
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Default Re: Tau would fight...

here are a few. i tired to keep them all on a tau attacking x basis. they may not be very fluffy, but they could be fun to try.


in the interest of scientific investigation, the ethereal have ordered a small team of tau to inflater a necron tomb and find whatever technology they can to bring back to the fio


border skirmish. need i say more?

the empire realizes that several of their border colonies have been trading with the tau. but before the Empire gets a chance to attack the tau launch a massive counter offensive on another front.

The Tau decided to go on the offensive before the empire can launch another crusade.

a large tyranid fleet has attacked another sector of imperial space. it is decided that they should take advantage of this monetary weakness and "liberate" (view this however you like) a few plants from the emperors rule.

dark eldar

a group of dark eldar raiders have become stranded on a tau planet and it is your jib to destroy them before they can escape.


A Waugh has attacked a sept world, and you must lead the counter offensive to destroy them before they gain to much momentum.

another border "dispute"

heres a creative one: a group of grots, tiered of being abused, has rebelled against the mainstream of ork "society" and has appealed to the tau for help.

[b] tyranids [b]

do you really need a reason?

that does it for now. i may think of more later
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Default Re: Tau would fight...

Some generic ideas, a lot would work well with hidden set-up:

A messenger boat has returned from an outpost on the fringe of the Empire, reporting it has been attacked. The assailants unknown, you must re-take the planet for it's valueable resources.

A Deimurg mining party has been forced down on a deserted planet. Make planetfall and rescue our allies.

A Kroot outpost has been destroyed by raiders during the night. Gather the few survivors and help them avenge their fallen kindred.

A merchant vessel has been captured. The Por'El on board has some very sensitive information. Retrieve the ambassador if possible, but stop the information falling into the wrong hands at all costs!

Fio have uncovered an interesting piece of technology. Someone wants it back. Rescue the field team!

The Por need some extra footage for a propaghanda campaign, and have found a small outpost of the enemy for you to attack and record. This should be like shooting fish in a barrel...unless they have backup.
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Default Re: Tau would fight...

Plenty of them are also tinged with your... interesting... opinion of the Tau. There are few of yours I would use for myself as a Tau player, but some I might use playing with a newer opponent to excite him.
Such as?
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Originally Posted by Tom Norman
"Wargamer is never wrong, Frodo Baggins; he knows precisely the rules he means to."
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