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Forward Scouting with Pathfinders.
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Default Forward Scouting with Pathfinders.

With the forward scouting does the devil fihs act as it has already move and then when it gest shot it count as glancing or do they count as penetraiting. I mean it has moved in turn 0 so i think you would only be able to glance it but other people say otherwase that i play with.
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Default Re: Forward Scouting with Pathfinders.

If you move the vehicle over 6", it can only be glanced, period. If it didn't actually move on the tabletop, it's still fair game though.
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Default Re: Forward Scouting with Pathfinders.

No. Pregame move won't contribute to the turns following it.. you have to move in that specific turn to get the benefits of skimmers moving over 6". And the pregame move is made before the game even starts..
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