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Help me play my first battle!!!
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Default Help me play my first battle!!!

Alright, so I've got a decent sized Tau army put together now, 1500 pts in the config I want, but I want to refine my tactics and organization. So I want to try an experiment with you all. I'm going to play a 1000 pt. game on my 3'x5' table with your help.

I figure this will take about 8 weeks, but should be interesting.

It will be Tau vs Armoured Company. The Tau will take thier turn every Saturday. The AC will take thier turn every Wednesday. Both posts will be edited to reflect the new turns.

I will be playing long-ways down the table. The table will consist of a large river, 1' across, down the middle of the table. The river will be very difficult terrain to cross. This means that infantry will move 1d6" across it and jump pack/vehicles will have 2d6 rolled, and if any 1s result, they will fall victim to the river. We will have two ways to safely cross the river, a covered bridge that can fit a tank comfortably, and a small dam that infantry can cross.

There will be a forest that's about 12" in diameter, a road down the length of the table (deployment zone to deployment zone) and a few Tau buildings.

Now I need a list! 1000 pts, I have the following units to use:
1 Crisis, BC, Flamer, MP modeled on
1 Crisis, PR, Fusion, MP modeled on (both Crisis we can ignore or add other wargear if we choose, please select from those weapons, though.)
12 Stealth Suits, 2 with markerlights available
36 Firewarriors, 3 with markerlights available
31 Kroot (all rifles)
2 Kroot hounds
4 Gun Drones
6 Pathfinders, 2 with Rails.
2 Devilfish, both with 3 Seekers potential

All upgrades, besides the weapons mentioned, are not limited.

To keep this area relatively clean, please PM your suggested list to me. Next Saturday (the 12th) I will post my 3 favourites and then we will vote on them (through PM again)!
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Default Re: Help me play my first battle!!!

I dont understand how you are going to play, 8 weeks how do you manage that?

Does he live some where else or............. im lost

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Default Re: Help me play my first battle!!!

I'm not playing anyone. It's my army vs my army, I'm just using my own armies to be visual.

It's not a real game with two people. Think of it more of the Tau board vs the IG board. I just want to see suggestions turn to turn on how to play.
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