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tau fire warior photos needed
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Default tau fire warior photos needed

hey guys, i'm new here, i am a 3d modeler and for my next major project i want to model a tau fire warrior, and i hav been into my local game workshop store and taken some photos of their models, but i was wondering if any of you out there had any that you still had not built yet? i mean still in their racks, and would you be so kind as to take close up photos of the pieces? i know this is a long shot, but when i am finished i will post my works up on this site, umm yeah, if none of you have any that are still in their racks, could i bother you to take some really close up shots showing all the parts of the models? form the chest plates, to the backpacks, to the gun etc etc, i am after some really close up detailed shots,

if you cant thats totally cool, but if you could it would be very much appreciated, the more photos i have the better

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Default Re: tau fire warior photos needed

well, have you looked at the rack pics on the GW site? here they are:


they aren't very close up, but they are fairly high definition, so you should be able yo zoom in some.

hope this helps. i look forward to seeing the 3d model. are you going to do it in color?
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Default Re: tau fire warior photos needed


That might help.. not that high resolution though. And they're scanned.
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